blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Whad ees blag y orpside down?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Whad ees blag y orpside down?

I yam berber' tire'. 

Las' nigh I ead 20 cad treads, fed to me worn by worn, een bed, again. Ees fantasteec, thees room serbeece.

Also, 2 smalldeesh wedfood (Hills Creeteecal Care), y worn shart pelleds. Also I dreenk 2 smallldeesh water-weeth-pelleds.

So moch eadeen' taghes moch strength so I spen' all day sleepeen' to prepare. 

I sleep orpside down so you cannard see my dryskeen. May eed go away now eef I ead.  

Also deeferen', these kaka oin'men een my ear twice a day. Who eenbented thees???

Also deeferen', the Wooman say een the las' few weeghs I yam berber' friendly. No scratcha, no bide. She say she almose' prefer me to maghe hor bleed.

Nebber happy.


Gracias a todos por the donations you are geebeen' to my medicaid. You are now part ob the escluseeb society ob Los Amigos de Estorbo.

Do you know the secret sign? (You maghe lighe wash behine your righ' ear...eef the order yooman do theese too, you know you are een the presence ob an Amigo)...


  1. Oh, those divine curly toes...!!

  2. Love those curly toes! Eat my friend Eat!

  3. Well done, Estorbo! A three-course meal with two servings of desert!

  4. I adore you, Estorbo. I think you just wanted the room service so you feel very very special. Keep eating and don't ever change.

  5. Good job, Estorbo! You'll conquer that, um, Typhoid in no time! And please tell the Wooman I'm glad she's feeling optimistic enough to be funny.

  6. Gorgeous photos ! you are one tres handsome blag cad. What can I say Storbie I love you like you were my own cad & I love own my cads berry, berry much. Please feel better soon xoxoxoxox Susan, Oliber, BleetNess & Virgil + les dogs : (

  7. You're looking mighty handsome, 'Storby! keep eating, but you can bit the Woman now and then. it's ok.

  8. You do look quite handsome. Can the humans give you some fish oil on your food to help with your dry skin? It is a pleasure to be an Amigo de Don Estorbo!

  9. Fabulous photos of your beautiful "Cad"!! Love you, Estorbo!!

  10. While I love the alliterism of tawny tiger tummy, I do love that tummy with curled toes. Now eeeaat, eeeaat.

  11. Reminds me of a cat I food from a spoon. Keep the humans at your beck and call :)

    1. Yes! We were trying baby food last week. One fingerful at a time.

  12. Ah, sweet 'Storbie, it's fabulous to hear that you're eating. If room service is what it takes, so be it. Try to remember that all the things your hoomans are doing are meant to be helpful to you - they want a healthy, happy boy even more than all of us, your fans, do.

    This series of photos knocks me out. I would so love to plant a smooch on that cute little nose of yours.