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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My ranch

Where hab all my caddle garn?


  1. Rustlers. Next time they should be branded so you can claim them.

  2. Maybe they're free-range caddle?

  3. I'll second that! Free range, with emphasis on free. Not that I'm complaining, though. But I wonder if everyone in here is fully aware of the nature of that cattle...

  4. From the archives, I seem to recall croncha-cronch sounds.Perhaps the cattle do too......

  5. Wonderful photo with such
    dramatic expression.
    Your caddle (shudder) may just have wandered over to the next meadow to graze.
    Its the city.... they'll probably be back. :~).

  6. Perhaps caddle hibernate? They certainly seem to "go to ground" around here... not that I have any caddle of my own...

  7. It has been a long time since I have had caddle, but I believe that they seek warmer places during the winter. Tino has never seen caddle to my knowledge, although who knows what he experienced with his previous slaves, and he ignored me when I asked. As usual. Don't worry, they will return. Unfortunately.

  8. thank god. i hate getting those little CSA boxes with all the caddle in them. the noise makes my skin crawl.

  9. The cattle might not be that important after all. These days it's all about business.

    Here's the result of my latest conversation with the kitty: "How's that for a symbiotic relationship? You feed me the good vibes, I feed you the pellets."

    His reply? Well, he first spat a pellet out as he was eating, and then said: "Here, invest that one on Down Jones, or maybe Gargle."

    "You can't invest on Jones," I said, "it's an index."

    "So," he replied, "are you telling me I can't invest on Gargle either because they index the web?"

    I gave up and poured more pellets. The bucket is full. We're safe.

  10. Estorbo,

    What recommendations, other than Down Jones and Gargle do you have? Prehaps a new counselor would help my account. How much do you charge for advice?

    Tino tells me "scratch my butt". I can't find that company.

  11. storbie seems more viril, since Papa Beence make the pictures,