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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I am fine!

My blord tes' came bag goo'! My typhus lebels are where they should be, afthair I taghe higher dose drorgs...****!

I mos' carnteenue to taghe the forgheen' peells dayeen, dayoud. Was THREE veds loogheen' ad me. My gard.

Y guess whad: I was keess' THREE time arn the head, by Dr. Slade. He ees audacious. I howl, I growl, I seeng, bod I deed nard bide. (I theenk.)

Eben though the Smoothman taghe my personal pee een my personal bee bartle afthair he eenterfere weeth me een my leedhair tray (I moss steel call 311 por thees eenbasion), the bed, I mean ved,  eenseest arn "sterile" sample. Por favor. Does he nard know the Smoothman ees Canadian? How sterile can a person ged?


Eep. I hade the urine sample (smallboice).

An' eed was cole' een Nuevo York today, man, freezeen'. My onnatracteeb grey barx ees bentiladed!

Gracias to my ved ad VERG por treadeen' me weeth respeghd. You rarck. I nebber say thad abou' no bed, I mean, bed (sheet), ved, before. Ebber. Yos neghs' time maybe doan' squeeze me so moch, OK?


Wheech remine' me:

***! OK: WHO knew the peells wor een my forgheen' YOGUR'????? WHO?


  1. Three Kisses? That's all? Or maybe that's all you allowed, more like.

    Three cheers that your typhus level is correct. ha ha...

  2. Good news about the typhus. You can stop all that gratitude now, it's unsettling; we're more used to you grumpy and aggrieved...

  3. Great news, Estorbo! You must keep your typhus under control through any means. Yogurt? I don't remember anything about pills in yogurt.

    The Smoothman has captured you beautifully in this photo. You look so healthy and showing some of your Don Estorbo attitude.

  4. Great news about your typhoid,glad you are better. I don't know anything about peels in yogurt. Just because the smoothman gave you your yogurt every 12 doesn't mean anything like peels. I'm just saying....:)

  5. Excellent news, hermano. Pills in the yogurt? No, Estorbo, the yogurt contains >extra< calcium to maintain your superfeline jaw strength so various people cannot pry your jaw open to throw pills into your throat. We've been over this before.

  6. Woo-hoo! Doing a happy-dance here, Storbie.

  7. Yay Estorbo! So glad to hear you are well again. You're looking so handsome in the new photos (haven't checked your blog for a while). Love the ones of your biltong ecstasies)- never doubt the Wooman loves you. Does she send it from S. Africa or can you get it in NY?

  8. The pills were in the yogurt!!!! I'll be darned.

    So happy that you are doing well!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Estorbo, if you can not taste it, it is not there. (Tino is asleep.)

  10. You LOOK fine, too, Estorbo. Face it, Vince is cleverer than you...

  11. For the record, with all you guys talking about the yogurt, last night the kitty hesitated for the first time when I served it to him. So this morning, I ate half the yogurt in from of him, with loud sucking noises and looks of delight before I gave him his share. By that time, he was begging again. I AM smarter. Right 'Storbie? ;-)

  12. Beence: And your typhoid is better too?

  13. Well, not sure I AM smarter after all. I meant to write "in front OF him". Bloody no-so-smart phones.

    But to answer your question, Donatella, I judged it prudent to ingest pre-prescription yogurt. But hey, maybe you're right, typhoid sucks just about as much as yellow fever, I should give it a try... ;-)

  14. that is between you and smoothman

    I approve any method he needs to help extend your life