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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dire straids


Mos a cad ead dry strawberries??

I mean, wtforghe?

Can a cad nard hab sorm cadgrass?



  1. when, o when will the wooman return? you are sufferin'!!

  2. What? No cad grass?! The Meowers are right ... you are suffering, hermano.

  3. Yes, you are suffering, but if they had both gone to Cape Town, maybe all you would have had was pelleds in a feedehair.

  4. Ok, ok, Estorbo, I just haven't had time, I'll look into it!

  5. Disgraceful. What is the Smoothman doing? Isn't his job to stay home with you all day and tend to your needs? tsk tsk

  6. Estorbo, I had to Google "hoacl" porque I was worreed you were cougheen orp a furball, pero Google suggesteed porhaps you meant to say:





    I yam steel confuse.

  7. I feel disloyal & guilty saying it, but the Smoothman's photographs of you are stunning (sorry Marie! I feel guilty even though I don't know you).
    Okay, so there is the risk of Beence breaking you, and he is seemingly lax about your need for cad grass, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

  8. I already commented on your dire straids, hermano, but when I saw what the word verification was, I just had to do it again:



  9. Typical cat. One moment you are complaining that the terrace must be manicured, and the next that there is no catgrass. Since He Who Must Be Obeyed has just gone out for the umpteenth time today, I get to write in peace. Amy with no Tino

  10. Alexa, your Googling of "hoacl" was heroic, but I think this is an insider's thing that he could never explain...

    Now, for the record, the pictures of Estorbo have been treated like portraits, and have hence required quite a bit of work to remove dust specks (he gathers dust like a magnet), disruptive white fur and the occasional flea. Just kidding. And add your typical portrait softening of all non-essential areas. I always make sure to keep whiskers and eyes at their sharpest, though...

  11. Ad secon glance, I see I hab meesspelled the mysterioso "houacl", so I reefhair to Google una ves mas.
    Thees time I yam geeben dos sites to look ad:
    Codex Exoniensis: a collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry, from a ... - Google Books Result - Poetry - 546 pages
    ... 28. lit. houacl-mcn. ...

    Sanitary and heating age - Google Books Result - House & Home
    ... and escaping Into the houacl Is entirely dispensed with • the closet basin, trap and valve seat are complete in one piece, and a sufficient Bush is insured to the ...

    So Estorbo y the Smoothman hab their own pribad language aboud Anglo-Saxon valb seads...whadebber.
    I jus hope the Wooman knows whad she weel be comeen home to....