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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Estorbo bersus The Peell

Peecture: The Smoothman

The Smooothman has been defeaded! I now refuse to ead the peell een a tread or een pate, so he as' the Wooman to essplain how she geeb me peell ole' fashion' way. So she essplain:

"Bag the cad orp so his bag is agains' your legs so he cannar' reberse.
Weeth lef' hand frarm below gently pry cad's mouth open weeth thormb y meedle feenger.
Weeth right han' parp the peell een.
Weeth lef' han' queeckly close' the cad's mouth.
Stroghe cad teell he swallow."


No. Way. Jo. Se.

The Smoothman wride bag:

"I yam afraid to breagh the cad. He woan' open hees mouth."

Estorbo 1, Smoothman Zero.

I ged no more peells. Eenstead, I ged nice helpeen's ob peach yogur', twice a day, 12 hours apar'. The recipe mos' be a leedle deefferen' because eed tasdes a beed more asserteeb. Bod ad las' I yab trained the Yooman.



  1. Priceless. You really are, Estorbo.

  2. Estorbo, about that yogurt ..........

  3. You show them Estorbo! And remember, that yogurt is key to maintaining your superfeline jaw strength.

  4. Oh Estorbo, you are incredible with training humans. Poor Smoothman had to give up. Funny about that yogurt tasting different. Hmmmm.

  5. you are the cleverest roof-panther in the neighborhood, without a doubt!

  6. Peach yogurt, eh? Assertive flavor? You may want to reexamine this.

  7. Nobody say a word about that yogurt! It's just yogurt. Next thing I know my cat is going to ask to see the list of ingredients. ;-)

  8. All the best yoghurts taste that way... Beence, the Lemon cat here has to have his medicine squirted down his throat with a syringe every day...and boy can he protest, even with a broken pelvis!!

  9. Estobo, yogurt is very good for you. It builds strong bones (like jaw bones) and strong teeth. Eat lots of it, and forget about Smoothman, he's a lightweight!

  10. Yesterday morning the Witch gave us pills AND that sticky stuff on our fur, followed by small piece of cabanossi.
    Sporran was very,very,very sick.On the sofa. Just as they were having dinner.
    The Man doesn't do pills.heh-heh

  11. Smear the pill with a blob of butter, back him up against you... dab a tiny bit of whisky on his nose...he will open to lick it off ..stick in a finger to pry open his mouth further prepared to lose it...a glove could help ...and quickly pop in the far back as you can...hold mouth closed....

  12. Sometimes yogurt is just yogurt ... just sayin'.

  13. "I am afraid to break the cat."

    Still giggling.

  14. I read about "how to make a cat take a pill" somehwere once... it involved good personal life insurance, home insurance and lots of beer...

  15. I bet someone could write a book about all the ways to give cats a pill. But the cat always has the last word and days later you may find that little white pill somewhere you didn't expect. He didn't swallow it after all!

  16. I think this is what you're looking for: