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Friday, January 6, 2012

Eeemposseeble to ged goo' helb

My segretary ees workeen' arn my thank you car's por donations. She ees slow. Now she has ron oud ob the cars an' needs to by new worns. Bod they are made by worn lady een Cape Town who does nard lighe to peeck orp the phone. Y no email. Ees har', ees berber har'. Bod the fors car's are mail' today. We try, we try.


  1. Dearest Estorbo, please tell your secretary not to worry about the cards. All things will workout in good time. I hope you are well and are being kind to the smoothman. Don't forget that he misses the wooman too.
    Be well and enjoy your yogurt.:)

  2. Hello Estorbo

    I have inside information that the person who makes your cards is away until Monday, so don't be too hard on your secretary!

  3. But when the cards look just like you, Estorbo, one must wait for the artist. Artists are very fickle and can only work when inspired. You can not rush greatness. Tino, Artist in torturing my slaves. (Dictated but not read - Amy)