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Friday, January 6, 2012

Geeft frarm Afreeca

Photos: the Smoothman

I yam so esstateec I pass oud.

Arribe een enbelope frarm South Afreeca sormtheen' deleecious. Call Beell Tarngue. I doan' know who Beell ees (was, I theenk) or why they do thees to hees tarngue bod eed ees berberberberber' deleecious. I go crazee. I ead y I porr ad the same time. I grab the empty bag oud ob the trash. Dios mio nebber een my libe hab I tasted sometheen' lighe thees.

Happy happy joy joy.


  1. And somewhere in South Africa someone is saying to Beell."What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

  2. How wonderful for you to get geefts from the Wooman. I notice the Smoothman is very artistic with your photos. They are very nice.

  3. this food must be a drug - you look like you are under a spell - and we are under your spell.

    si, smoothman take very artistic pictures of you. I can hear you purr from the picture.

    dios mio

  4. ahahahahahaha! we are dyin', laffin' at miss anne's comment!! you haf some furry entertain' amigos, mr don!

    our daddy makes a sorta beell tarngue, ozarks style, outta vishus deers, an' we kin totally relate to your devotion to this new treat. your wooman lorb you berry much!!

    our mommer is enjoyin' the smoothman's pictures of you--maybe the wooman should cornsider hirin' him full time?

  5. What kind of tongue? Never heard of it.

  6. You're lookin' pretty blissed out, hermano! Great picture. Bill's tongue must be some good stuff!

  7. As I write this soon after coming home, 'Storbie is howling in the kitchen for some Beell Tarngue, not knowing yet that this is biltong-less night...

  8. Send out for more supplies! They sell it at my local garage over here so I'm sure there's a store close by who can help. He is having a whim - pander to it!! :)
    Lemon says: Wat's dis? I has a poorly so surely I deserbs some!

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahhah!!

  10. How har can eet be to geet Beell Tarngue een Los Angeles? Por I woul like to geeb Zizi a coma-eenduceen treed como thees..bedhair than cadneep!

  11. Beautiful pictures and guapo storbie!