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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oud ob the clarset ad las'

Eed was so terreeble. Fibe days een the clarset weeth northeen' bod a bag of pelleds, sorm papehair towels an' the dreepeen' agua frarm the keetchen seenk.

Thanks to you the Wooman gard the messayge an' was force' to release me.

Why, whyyyyy why porquewhy you deed thees to me? I as' hor, weepeen' yos a leedle.

To teach you a lesson, cad.

WHAD lesson???

Thad there ees more to libe than yos pelleds, she say.


I was so traumatize' I wen' to bed immediate'.

I had to sleeb por a larng larng time. Was no space een the clarset to make-a stredge.

Enorf weeth the camera, already!

Go. Ay-way!

 Then I wen' to the terrace to maghe sorm sparghs.

Ahhhrghngnggag, grass, nomnom.

Maybe I leab grass parcel arn hor peellow?

"There ees more to libe than yos pelleds."

Can you beleeb thees?


  1. Free at last! Feels good to be out of the closet, right?

    Nice of your mom to out you.


  2. Fibe days? Didn't they miss you waking them every 20 minutes during the night?

  3. WAIT A MINUTE.... Are you, Estorbo telling us for real that the woman deliberately locked you in the closet for FIVE real days. Please clarify. I have a sense that you are essageradin'.

  4. Hmmm...the Smoothman did say it was peaceful...
    Here's a thought...your pictures would make a nice calendar.

  5. Were you head first in your birthday bag of pelleds? I like that picyure of you. Besitos.

  6. Ai yi yi, pobre Estorbo, thees ees muy tarmateec for ju! Una hora feel lighe una dia! Ees posseeble tha' ju essageradhe yos' a leedle?

  7. Now Estorbo, I am with Anne Boleyn, I find it very hard to believe that your mom would leave you in there for even one minute to teach you a lesson....Might I remind you that you go to hell just as fast for lying as you do for stealing.

  8. we have all been anxiously waiting for an update from you - finally we can breath - tell her your fans did not breath while you composed your next blog-bits...they are like our pellets.

    did your mom say exactly WHAT is more important than pellets?

    get clarity

    glad you're back

    another fan

  9. May we visit? WE would like to be locked up with a bag of pelleds. We are forced to eat premium canned food every day.

  10. As a dog-lover, can I just say you are the only cat I have ever liked!!

  11. your nose growing by the minutes??? Such lies on your lips. We all know that the wooman would never lock you in the closet for five are a stinker, that's what you are....silly boy!

    But, *sigh* we love you just the same....lies and all. However, now that you are out, can you see that there IS more to life than your pelleds?

    And no, you cannot leave a yacked up ball of grass on the woomans pillow...or anywhere else for that matter, mister. Now...go enjoy some pelleds.

  12. wow, five days in the closet with a bag of pellets! we would come out very very fat indeed. How did the water from the sink get in to closet for you to drink, Estorbo? at last!

  13. Of course there's more to life than just pellets. There's milk. And sardines. And mangoes. And meat. And... But I guess I'm not helping...

  14. Oh Storbie, today I'm solidarize with you.
    What THEY are preparing for you next? Military service? Gimnastic exercises? Police in Barcelone are more effectively with cats, even exagerate cats. call them !

  15. Me, Estorbo, I doan' LIE. I dona' need to LIE. Ees nard necessary. I tell the truth. The pure truth.

    Pelleds weell sed me free.

  16. The cat lies.

    He makes Vaudeville seem restrained.

  17. Estorbo, dudio! If your wooman really did that, we will come and send her into next mes. Maybe even next ano. No we don't have no wavy line for that. ;)