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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My ordeal

Pappa I mean the Smoothman feel ber'ber' sorry por me een my short. He say, The cad soffhairs.

I say, Damnrigh' the cad soffhairs. Feed me!

The Wooman, arn the order paw, feels nartheen'. Yesserday she came home weeth a new short. Porquewhy? Eed has LARNG sleabes an' a collar. Sheet. Porquewhy? Because I yam leeckeen' the arm, an' I yam sleepeen' my feline shouldhairs through the negh ob the blueshor' an' geddeen' storck, porque eed is a wornsie por a baby.

An' I yam no baby.

My libe sorcks beegtime.

Eesn't thees an attracteeb color?

NO! Eed looghs como ordure. Loogh thad orp. OKfine I tell you. Ordure = kaka.

Pleease to notice the legh detail. Dorble sleebes. Are the yoomans paranoi' or wha'?

The Wooman made feesh por the deenhair ob the yoomans. The smell tranqueelize' me.

I theenk I yam goeen' to lorn to coogh....


  1. Hola! Dinah made a funny picture of the Cooking Cat, but she doesn't know how to send it to your blog. So we will put it on our blog, OK?

  2. No matter how unattractive the color, you make it look good, Estorbo.

  3. Right Estorbo! If you have to wear a shirt, it should be flattering. Black cats look good in red, as we have seen already, or royal purple, or even royal purple velvet with gold trim. I miss the Home Depot style ("spill in aisle 3") and the prisoner stripes.

  4. Hermano, I hope it's not hot in NY now ... long sleeved shirts might definitely cause sufhairing for you. But feesh could set this right, no?

  5. Estorbo, I feel I must set you straight on something..before you start to swear at me please give me a chance. OK? I am a mom just like the wooman is a mom to you. Sometimes moms must do things that seem mean but it is because they care and want you to get better. Please try to understand.

    It is good that you want to learn to cook and Patricia Wells will be a good teacher.

  6. Estorbo, mi familia es back from a treep to your oreegeenal neck ob the woods..I wen to the en ob the boad and wabed real hard een the deerection ob La Republica Dominicana een case you steel hab relateebs there.

    On another node, they are sayeen' yewel tones are een thees Fall (doan they say that ebery Fall?) an your new shird mus be some yewel. Topaz?? No es como kaka. Hab I eber lied to you??

  7. On you, the color looks fabulous.

  8. Oh, darling, this HAS been an ordeal for you, hasn't it? Maybe a new hobby will take your mind off the leecky leecky.

  9. Steeler's yellow looks hot [and by that I mean 'cool'] on ur black cat coat.

  10. red is better, sí, but todos los colores are good for a black cat so
    guapo as you

  11. I like the style with the two sleeves. The kaka color, not so much. But I am sure the Wooman has limited choices when trying to buy a shirt with sleeves for a cat! So cut her some slack.

  12. I agree,this is nothing to jajajajaja about.