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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jellow peril

I see sorm fresh pelleds hab arribed!

Ees abou' time. Las' nighd I gard storck een my shord twice so my arms was trabbed an fell arf the bed. So today the Wooman poot me een the smaller size (18 - 24 mornths; the worn een the peec aborf is 33 mornths an' too forgheen' beeg!)...bod eed is tighd, so she maghe alterations. Ees ber' stressful tryeen' the short arn so many times an' I mighd hab beetten hor a few times. Ees nard een my carntrol. I was muy hongry an' I demanded my new pelleds.

Then while she was seween' the new short I wen' to sleep arn sorm fantasteec plasteec bags.

Eef you remobe thees bags I weell call the poh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece!!!!!!!!

OK, more therapy: streeng onder the kikoi.



They call me mellow jellow...

Do you notice the bolera style short, now? The Wooman cort eed shorthair so my bag feed doan' ged stock een the hem.

Also she shorten the sleebs so I doan' feel ligh I yam walkeen aroun' een wed diaper, all roll' an' bonch aroun' my legs.

Hab I mention' she cannard sew?

Ees steel forgheen' onconfortable.

An' thees ebeneen' she had to LENGTHEN the lefd sleeb again because I coul' reach an leeck leeck leeck!


She said, Cad, I hab bedhair theen's to do tonighd than sew your blordy short AGAIN.

No, you doan'. I said. I yam the cent-hair ob your esseestance. Weethoud me you would be northeen'.

Hmmn * &ngnng, she said. Hor mouth was full ob peens.

My poin' essactlee, I said. I resd my case.


  1. Estorbo, you are truly long suffering -- but then so is your woooman. The yellow looks really good on you. So now you have taken up kung fu? Well you might need it if you ever meet up with that bandito raccoon and he sees you clad in that shirt!

  2. "I'm jus' mad about Saffron..."

    Oh, Estorbo! You are a trick. (And your wooman has a good eye for composition/colour, but we wont tell her in case her head gets big!)

  3. Storbie, I wonder if your Wooman could buy a package of 2T toddler Hanes white undershirts - I think they come in 3-packs. She could cut one up to lengthen the sleeves of the other two if necessary. They tie-dye nicely if she doesn't want the plain white look. And the material is lightweight, not too hot, yet they have a regular crew neck, so should be better than the onesie in terms of you slipping through.

  4. Estorbo, I am wildly entertained with your life and your sense of dignity. The cats here in Central California spend their time hunting ground squirrels and such (a noble profession), but your life is charming and somewhat exotic. Thank you for sharing it with those of us who have no idea about life in a Brooklyn apartment. .....Denise

  5. Don Estorbo, we think your altered shirt fits very well now and you look so handsome in that color. Very mancatly.

  6. So, what does it say on this yellow shirt? Nothing as clever as you would write on it, I'm sure.

  7. Here's your cartoon, Storbie

  8. Estorbo! Have you been drinking from the toilet coz you sure have got potty mouth today!

    You're looking very dashing in the yellow, I think the look suits you mucho.

  9. For one brief moment i thought" she can sew too?", but then the truth was revealed. Thank the goddess.

    Next Saturday, my birthday. Going dancing, you on big boy?

  10. Estorbo's Rhapsody

    "Mama, just lost my shirt
    Pulled it off over my head
    Licked my arm until it bled

    Mama, fur had just begun
    But now I've gone and licked it all away

    Mama, ooh
    Didn't mean to make you cry
    If I lick again this time tomorrow
    Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters"

  11. The wooman works very hard to keep you in fine looking shirts. Perhaps you should pipe down and say 'thank you'. She deserves it.

    You are naughty, Estorbo!


  12. nice outfit, storby. You really do have your wooman at your beck and call. Do you and Mr. Pussy conspire on how to train your yoomans?