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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Starteen' obehaire

Fors' ob all, Wooman, Talgh to the paw!!!

You weell nebber guess my new passwor'...Nebber nebber nebber! Eed came to me een a dream.

Secon' ob all, where hab all my dessort eenseghds garn?

I ade them?

Bod I thoughd they wor a sostainable resource?!

I weell carntinue to hont. They are so green, so deleecious.

Thord ob all: why do you loogh so tire'? You had to ged orp early? Hey, I was orp all nigh' lookeen' for dessor' arn the roop? Loogh ad me, I'm fine.

You need to ged some res'...



  1. And a fine looking paw it is, too! I gotta hand -- er, paw -- it to ya', hermano ... the passwords that are revealed in a dream are the best kind.

    I hope you find a sustainable source of dessert, soon. Being dessertless bites. I found myself a nice little frog the other night and brought it in the house. The human snatched it from my jaws, took it outside and washed it off and set it free. Can you believe that??? Hope you get to keep all your prey ...

  2. How about "keellid" as your password?

  3. Ikaika - Frarg! Essiteen'. I gard no frarg...

    Chrees - keelleed ees preedy goo'...How ees mi hermano Bailey?