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Friday, September 25, 2009


Eberywhere I go, man. Crazee. I yam marbbed. They wan' a piece ob me. They torch my for. They scream Stooooorbieeeeeeeee, we lorf you!

They doan' eben KNOW me!

My libe ees no larngair my own. My mobemends are obserbed. My carckroaches are askeen' por autographs.

I yam receibeen' onnerpands een the mail.

I need to ged away.

I yos wan' to be alone.


  1. Hola! Hermano, we think this did not happen before The Smoothman. So we think perhaps he may be leaking stuff to the tabloids.Put the Cattorneys onto it.

    (And Dinah says to say that you are a very placid cat to "wear" all this crap. We wouldn't!)

  2. Storbie, I am so sorry that life is difficult these days. Perhaps a gift of katydids in the mail instead of underpants would help? Yes, you are one placido gatto in the shades.

  3. You're a babe - magnet, Storbie. You can't help it. It's in the genes.
    Stay cool -- way cool. There could be some munchies in this if you work it right.

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  5. What a patient cat.

    We wait impatiently for the revolution....

  6. uh, i guess asking to get your autograph is out of the questchun??