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Friday, September 11, 2009

The pelled wars

Are those my new pelleds I see een the keetchen?

You realize thad eef you feed me automateec een the nighd I weell wan' More! More! More!?

Si. I know. You remembhair the time Neeck-the-drarg-addeect looghed aftair me an' he fed me eberytime I said eep. When you saw me afthair two mornths I was roun' como un soccerball and my forr was standeen' orp een reedges because there was nard enorf to corbair my bardy.

Si, I know you are tired. I know Beence ees tired. Whad can I do? I was born hongree.

I weell re-pose' cartoon to illustrade my dilemma. Eef you feed me ad four I wan' more food ad five. Whad can I do?

Yes, the papehair helps. Thank you for putteen' eed arn the daybed thees morneen'. I helped myselp, as you can see.

Eed's nard my fauld eef I heed the camera and breagh eed. I doan' lighe macro. You are nard payeen' me por thees.

BTW, whad's por deenner?


  1. May I suggest a self-feeder, that lets food out when the cat wants to eat but still keeps the pellets fresh and crunchy? Worth a trial run maybe? Frankly I've never had a night hunger problem with my cats, so I don't know...

  2. Waaahahahaha. This cat would feed himself until he blew up. Been there done that :-)

    Clearly it's me. I'm a bad parent.

  3. Maybe a timed feeder that say every three hours served up a measured portion of deeleeshus pelleds? dayin, dayoud, so to speak...

  4. I was born hungry too so I know what you mean. But, I have never not had enough blackness to cover myself. Thank god...

  5. i think i just peed my pants. you're keeling me. maxine does that too. they mighd be reladed.


  7. Hey, I get it, hermano -- hungry drives a cad to desperate measures ... the humans free-feed us, but so far I have never blown up. And she left you with a druggie??? Wow!! But it looks like, once again, the CATtorneys have a solution.

  8. I'd say early childhood trauma, eating his emotions... hmm, try and talk to him more, and when he talks, REALLY listen, try to picture the frighten little kitten he was once, and...oh hell just give him Prozac.

  9. big forr ? u luk thin. u need mor food. luv from verry small end thin forr

  10. Hey Estorbo,

    Ignore these "self" or "timed" feeders. It is important to make your humans work! I also recommend running and jumping on the bed as hard as you can to wake them up. Boy, does that make them yell!!
    If you have a facebook, do you want to be my friend? Mickey Marshall