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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I hab no wor's...thees ees my libe. Be the clown. Amuse the yoomans. Whad do you wan' me to wear neghs'? Lederhosen? Chains? A COLLAR???

You wondhair why I hab an atteetude prarblem. Loogh een the meerror. You weell see the cause.

Why am I the only worn een the house who geds to wear the pands?


  1. Estorbo, mi amor, who's the lucky *ahem* lady you took those off of...hmmm, a trophy?

  2. You mean poo...SWAT OW! Wooman, I doan need a Ned Nanny! Ow!!! Dios mio...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  3. Si, Si, read my mind. *wink*

  4. QLC??? I hab no wor's neither!!!

  5. woohoo teeny tiny lace panties...Estorbo, you cad you!!

  6. When and against whom shall we file the lawsuit for Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress?

  7. Rusty Geiger y SporranSeptember 22, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    We are sympatico, hermano

  8. Ikaika - QLC, quarthair libe crisis??? I doan' theenk so? Do see me dribeen' an orange Camero??? Oh...that's meed libe crisis.

    BB - si, I know.

    Paula - gracias. They throw them ad me.

    My CATtorneys, sob. Yos file. File File File!

    Dinahmow - Whad. Ebber.

    RG an' Sporran - muchas gracias, compadres.

  9. Who are the defendants, and what damages will you be seeking?

    Can we take our usual 1/4 fee?

    Do you want anyone deported?

    Shall we send a bully cat fresh out of Riker's Island to rough up anyone?

  10. You're looking quite ecclesiastical, Don Estorbo.

  11. Quartair libe crisis!!! That's great! Hermano, let me 'splain ... QLC:(smallboice)"que la chinga" ... it's kinda Cheech and Chong for "WTF?"

  12. oh, good heavens, can't a cat have a private moment? (estorbo, no need to pretend it was the yoomans; you wear what you want to. ) wooman, are you popperatzi?

  13. You have maintained your dignity despite the wooman's attempts to humiliate you. Go for the lawsuit.

  14. Neko y Marzi - you can hab 50% porcen' por thees worn. I know I steell owe you por las' time. You are patient. Y tacdful. Si, sen' Boolly Cad. Si, depor'. Both ob them. Maghe them deesappear. Lighe Osama.

    BPGee - you cragh me orp. I weesh I had larbstair. Sneeff.

    Ikaika. QLC!!! QLC!!! you said eed, brordhair.

    Beence, ged arf my blarg. Seecko.

    Donna. My leeps are sealed. Zeepped. Speakeen' ob..does She lighe to dress orp?

    Pam J - eed ees the Wooman weethoud digneedy. No shame. None. Nada.

    I need a dreenk.