blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Sorm soyyestions

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorm soyyestions

Fors' ob all, wadge whad you are sayeen'...I yam all ears, an' I yam tagheen' nodes.

Secon' ob all: why are you steell geddeen' papehair beells frarm CarnEdeesorn? I though' you tole' them no mas? Hole' them accountable!

Thor': Thees table ees clottered: eef you mos' receib Elle Decoration, pleease actually read eed and lorn frarm your bedhairs.

Fourth: I yab noticed thad fresh Nedfleeghs enbelopes are berber' slow een arribeen'. Thees ees onasseptable. I need new sorplies.

Thad's eed por now. Chegue bag ladehair.


  1. get your shizz together humans. storbie has spoken.

  2. Storbie, all of that stuff is between you and your yoomans...take it from us, they are extremely difficult to train and ours has never learned how to unclutter! Even making avalanches of paper with a well-placed paw hasn't made her change her ways. We did want to note how very elegant you look...and we've never noticed before how prominent your locket is.

  3. Locket? I thought that was a fichu!

  4. Good thing you're on the job, Estorbo. Someone has to keep them in line.And 'Storbie, how could Donatella think that was a fichu?!!! Fichu's are for females and you are definitely a handsome male! Perhaps we need to see more of your masculinity in your poses? Show those teeth and claws!