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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bag een time

Een the begeeneen'...een case you deedn' know.

I started the blarg two an' a halp yors ago. The wooman came bag frarm Afreeca so depress' I had to deestragh myselb. She was makeen' me crazee. Yoomans. All you need ees pelleds. An' eben THOSE are nard abailable when you need them. I'm yos sayeen'.

Now I hab to fighd hor arf the carmpudehair. She gard the blargeen' idea frarm me. Teepeecal.

Bod tonighd she and the Hermano gabe me smallpieces lambchparps, so ees OK.

Keess the worns you lorf. Especial eef they hab forr.


  1. Oh, Estorbo! You are a wise cat. Yes, we should "kees the ones we love."

  2. Hermano, we know this wisdom, but would you tell Dinah we don't like our fur getting all salty.
    We loved Rusty, too.

  3. My dear Estorbito, could you please give your Wooman some extra keeses and abrazos? I know it must be very hard for her to be so far away from her mother at this time. She must miss the lovely little Kehdi very much.

  4. That last line is poetry! Almost epigrammatic in fact. Keesses for you, Storbie.

  5. How true, hermano. You are very wise, indeed. And lovable, says the human ... she sends keeses ...

  6. Best advice I've heard all day.
    Gracias, Estorbo!

  7. we get keeses all the time...but little bits of lambchop, now there's the sign of true love!