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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Help wanted

Eef I doan' ged a good cad seethair, I yam oud ob here!

The yoomans are goeen' away por Chreestmas, then they are bag por two days, then they are goeen' to Afreeca por...two forgheen' MORNTHS teell en' ob February (onless Smoothman mos' corm early por Greencar' eenterbiew)!

So we are auditioneen' cad seethairs who weell leeb een, or a cad seethair where I go an' leeb. Oh man. Ebery year the same theen'.

I yam cude!:

Loogh ad my harbies: aborf: Yompeen'.

Below: Makeen' scratcha.

I can wash weendows.

I guard the pereemeet-hair agains' peegeons.

I yam sorbeillance.

I yam: Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana!

Een retorn you ged:

My cormpany.
My keesses.
My sharp claws.
My boice.
My pelleds (weeth agua, por fabor!)
My leet-hair.
My allowance.
Your allowance.
Nice presen'.

Appleecations being taghen. Or referral to Someworn muy fantasteec. Pleease leab carment or email me direc'. Or email the Wooman, who weell, no doubt, tell you abou' my less attracteeb qualeetees. As eef.



  1. You know you would be welcome here, Estorbo, but you would then be held hostage for ever, as I could not part with you. And the humans wouldn't like that, or the air fare to England. I hope some wonderful and deserving people will come forward.

  2. Ohhh Estorbo! If it wasn't for the fact I live aaall the way in Quebec City (and that Boo would really tick you off and try to express his dominance), I would gladly take you in. Good luck! :o)

  3. I will think long and hard about who might be the ideal sitter for you, Don Estorbo. I would invite you here, but Sisko would never forgive me and I love him with all my heart.

  4. If this country did not have stringent quarantine laws we would love to have you.
    And if I could afford to come to NYC I'd be happy to sit with you.
    Too many "ifs"

  5. Mine mite bee abul ta hellp. shee sez shee noes a free man. sheel contackt the Wooman.

  6. hmmm storbie. do you think he would get alargn with maxine and icky? we of course would love and appreciate him but can it be done? let us consider as we are (secretly in love with don estorbo).

  7. I wish...I wish... but there are thousands of miles between us.

  8. The human gets all leaky-eyed when she hears you're going to be abandoned by the Wooman. If we lived in New York, you'd never want for a cat sitter, hermano. We hope the Wooman finds someone wonderful to look after you while she and Beence are in Africa.

  9. Lenniean'SollieNovember 10, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    This is too tempting. We could send you the Minder and we could have our friend Barbara look after us - if she is free. She is much more fun than the Minder - e.g. she lets us eat off her plate, sit on the bread board on the kitchen counter, and she isn't always busy busy busy so we sit on her lap all the time. Perhaps you, Hermano Nosotros, could train the Minder not to mind so much. It might work. We will plot.

  10. Gracias to eberybardy. We are corrently neegotaiteen' weeth Bonbon Oiseau an' Heem-the-Hosband, an' weeth Mike the Nobeleest.

    Lennie an' Sollie, ees the Minedhair seerious??? Ees bacation een Nuebo York!

  11. Lenniean'SollieNovember 12, 2009 at 3:22 PM

    We hinted and hinted but the Mindhair is not playing ball. While she longs to meet you with all her heart, she says right now she would rather go to the sunshine in S. Africa with the Yoomans and Beence!!! Maybe she will come to New York in the Summertime when the living is easy and fish are jumping...etc. Sorry hermano we tried. But it looks like friends are rallying. We will stay in touch.