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Thursday, November 19, 2009

More bad news

Ay. Ees sad news. So onexpeghed. My brorder een Eenglan', Sollie, ees dead. Heer ees leddhair frarm Anne:

I write with sad news I'm afraid - neither Lennie
[Sollie's brorder] or Flora [darg weeth blarg] can face talking about it and asked me to tell you that Sollie was put to sleep yesterday after a very difficult three weeks of not being able to eat. Right up until the end he was perky and loving and still insisted on going out. I am amazed at his courage and at his spirit. The vet performed many tests and eventually came to the conclusion that the left hand side of his gullet was not functioning, maybe due to a recent trauma of some sort, and he was unable to eat. Unfortunately they could offer no hope of any sort of recovery except for trying steroid injections. I felt that he had suffered enough and could ask no more of him, and anyway the injections would not have helped the problem.

It has all been very, very sad and we weep at the gap in our lives. However, we also remember the way he filled the house and our hearts with his quirky and affectionate little ways.

Sorry to add to your sadness over the passing of poor Khedi with even more bad news.

I yam so sorry, Anne. I doan' know whad to say. Pleease geeb Lennie a leeck arn the head por me.An' i sen' beeg porrs to you. The darg weell be OK.

I yam a sad cad.


  1. My eyes are filled with tears for you.

  2. Hi Estorbo. We are so sorry to hear about the passing of Sollie. We are very sad kitties with you (and Lennie and Anne and the darg), and hope that he's over on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, playing with Kehdi and her sister and all our other loved ones who have gone before us. *sneef*

  3. So sorry to hear the news, Estorbo. We send many purrayers your way and to his yumans too.

  4. Hermano, we know how you feel. We send "esstra speshul" purrs.

  5. we are so sad that our broder sollie has gone to heaven. we are sending purrs across the miles to lennie and his mama,and the dog with blog.

  6. We are so sorry to hear about Sollie, hermano. The human's eyes are leaky again. Sending you and Sollie's family gentle purrs and head bumps ...

  7. sometimes all we can offer are hugs from afar.... hugs, ...... V.....

  8. Thank you dear Estorbo for your kind words, and thank you too to all your followers for theirs. We are all much comforted by so much support. Love to you from Lennie, Flora (Dog with a Blog) and Anne

  9. This really sucks. Too much of this death crap. If bad things happen in threes, this should be the end of this for awhile.

    RIP Spook, Kedhi, and Sollie