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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Storbie - please post on your blog that I am so touched by the response to Kehdi's departure.

When I met Kehdi, she was perched on the back of a big armchair in the home of breeders of Maine Coones and when she saw me, she opened her little mouth and said, loudly: Weh weh (take me)!

When I saw her on her last day, in a raggedy bundle just inside the front door, she opened her little mouth and nothing came out. But I know she said "help me". At both times, I did.

Kehdi's sad mom


  1. She is so beautiful.... it just makes me cry because I have walked in these same shoes... ... I send a hug to you Kehdi's Mom.... and I know little Kehdi says a heartfelt thankyou for all you did..... hugs... Veronica

  2. whut bumblebvee sed.
    ~^:^~ & co.

  3. Yes, all of us here at Te Whare Tini (the tine house) know what it means.
    Peace for Khedi and comfort to you
    Dinah, Peter, Geiger and Sporran

  4. Storbie, please tell Kehdi's mom "De Nada". It feels like we are all part of a larger community. We share your grief.

  5. Dear Miss Kehdi's Mom,

    Kehdi was a very special cat ... I could tell the first time I saw her picture on Estorbo's blog. And special Kitties like Miss Kehdi find only the most special humans to care for them, like she found you. I will always remember her, and I send you gentle purrs ...

    Kehdi's admirer, Ikaika

  6. She was such a beautiful cat. My son has a Maine Coon and sent me an almost identical photo of her. Her name is Josie. Hugs to Kehdi's Mom.