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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My weegh

The Wooman kepd wabeen' hor arms and yelleen', NO! Estorbo, starp eadeen' my Japanese Reebbon Grass!

Porque, I as', sorprised. Eed tasdes como fresh feesh?

Eediot, she said.

Then worn day she came home weeth new grass, een two deeshes.

She put eed arn floor, and eentroduce me.

Cad? Grass. Grass? Cad.

Whad's your poin'? I asked.

Just ead eed, Estorbo she say, eempatient.

What. Ebber, I say.

Eed doan' loogh righd, I say.

Een faghd, Thar's bars een them thar heells, I say.

Eediot, she say.

Fas' forward. I'm lyeen' arn the bed. She looghs ad my claws.

Too larng, she say: time to cleap!

Oy, I say.

Are there no rules agains' theese? Eed's Easthair!

Bod she cleep' them anyway. Ees quide relaghseen', como Spa.

An Sornday they dress me orp weeth reebbon. Ees OK, I yam een torch with the parts I no longhair possess.

Are you loogheen' ad me? Are you loogheen' ad me. Are you loogheen' ad me???

Corm a leedle closehair...

Eed was esshausteen'. Pulleen and chaseen' reebon all day.

Pee Ess. Deed the Wooman tell you sormbardy try to crucify me thees weeken'?


  1. our woman will want to check our claws. 'specially Geiger's, 'cos Geiger keeps scratch-scratching on the sofa. Hoo boy!

  2. haai storbee skande u r making religis joks mi bruther end me went to thee vet this mornin for mi fet belli end his wunkee beck legs end hips he got a shot end i did not heh heh i got cuddels from thee littel girl vet she ses mi fet belli is not so fet today

  3. you are one of the best parts of my day!

  4. RGS - yos lie orpsi'e down and theenk ob Eenglan'...

    Kehdihanam: eed was no yoke, leedle seester, ees true! I weel shpw peecture!

    Karen L: I try, I try ^^