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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Objeghd

The Wooman broughd home a beeg green bomb-a.

She say, Thees ees deenner, Estorbo.

Reeally? I say. Cound me oud. I ain' no goad. Whad ees eed anyway?

Artechoghe, she say.

He deed, when? Thad ees terreeble! You deed hine'leeck manoubhair?

Eediot, she say. Eed's a vegetable.

Oh, I say.

Remine' me: Why are we habeen' thees conbersation??


  1. Hine'leeck manoubhair??!! The penny just clicked -- hilarious, Estorbo. I so love your accent and tough guy 'tude.

  2. Grazias por geddeen' the choge, ChreeJ! =^^=