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Monday, April 27, 2009

Muy caliente

Thees weeken' I was pass' oud. Global warmeen'. Ees cause-zed by too many dargs goeen' pantapantapanta. Ees bad air oud ob dargs. Steenks, too warm. Dargs mos be sweetch arff when nard een use.

My gard. Ad nighd I yam sleepeen arn the floor. Ees so hart een Nuebo York.

Cooles' place een the house. The Wooman refuse to sweetch arn cole' air barx, why? Porque she say hor roses weell ged fry ou'side weeth hart air frarm barx. She say we mos' waid onteel eed feeneesh makeen' flowers then mobe rose.

You're keelleen' me, I say.
Where can a cad ged a cole' dreenk aroun' here?

That's bedder. An' clean the bath. I wan' to see my wheeskers een the refleghtion.


  1. Ah, 'Storbie, you're so handsome on a white bathtub background... And if you think it's hot, you should read Barjavel's Ravage. You read French, don't you?

  2. Yup! Cool bathroom tiles or the tub is the place to be in hot weather. Our weather has turned cool again and Bailey follows the sun around the house.

  3. I gotta admit, hermano, hot or not, you're one guapo blag cad! The human is squealing ... I think she wants to scritch your chin and rub your belly.

  4. Hullo big forr maybe if u looos sum wayt end sum forr it wud be betta u r still mi best cet tho

  5. Hmm, 'Storbito, we're not getting any slimmer are we? I'd love to see Saphi beside you right now.
    The contrast, the contrast...

  6. OMG! reading random blogs finally pays off big time. i have grate grate lub ob Don Estorbo.

  7. I just adore you, Don Estorbo.