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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I need grass!

Yesserday I sad arn whad use' to be my lawn arn the terrace. Ees pathedeec. Use' to be grass an' nice lime green plantas. Now ees cole' stones agains' my forry pearson. The Wooman says I mos' wade. Wade por the son an' the sommer. So I wade.

In the meantime I chew the new leabes ob hor Japanese grass. She geds mad. She say, You maghe thees grass ogly por lader, Estorbo! So buy me cadgrass, I soyyest, polideboice.

Fine. I weell go to farmairs' marghet tomorrow, she say.

Fine, I say. Go!

Here below ees me an' the Japanese grass las' sommer. See below my chair ees my lawn!


  1. payshense iz a virtyoo, my brother.
    Mine sez it snoed up hrr on the maneland. I wuz nappin an missd it -- wich is just az well, i suppoz. cors, it wud be wrrmrr in the morr sothrrnly arkipellago whrr you arr but, even so, payshense iz a virtyoo.

  2. I know how it is when the need for grass overtakes you. I hope you get some ... soon! (The human just bought us some catgrass on Monday.) But it seems like winter just doesn't want to leave, at least around here. Even though we have lots of spring grass in our yard for the deer to eat, we also had rain (even now as I type) and even some snow today!

    P.S. Wait a minute ... did I say rain? Make that hail!

  3. Wow! You look super handsome in that first photo! Did the 'wooman' tell you you have to be patient? But in cat years that should mean pretty soon, right?
    We have been away for a few days, so Bailey was in the 'k' word. He was not a happy camper. If he eats grass, he gets 'seeck' so he has his favorite treat instead -- Omega fatty acids -- brewers yeast! It is the ONLY food he gets excited about.

  4. Estorbo, a question:

    If the Woman got another cat to keep you company, what color would it be? What gender? What would you name it?

  5. http://moreidlethoughts.wordpress.comApril 10, 2009 at 12:51 AM

    oh-oh...why do your lawyers ask this question???

  6. H'ween: I woul' lighe to beeseet the maneland. Whad ees Patience?

    Ikaika, DEER!

    ChreesJ - you hab superb tasde.

    Neko y' Marzipan...the Wooman has mottered thees before. She mootered somtheen' abou' Abyseenian, ladycad. Brown. Name aporn arribal.


    DinahMOW: I doan know! Nerbous, I yam feeleen'...