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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Always stribeen'

...por more.
Are goeen' to ead thad? Are you? Can I? pleease, pleease, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed me!
Peec: Beence


  1. ah, the curled tail of desire! who could resist such beautiful pleading?

  2. I don't know... I think that deep inside, standing against a black and white background you feel invisible, and hence unprosecutable...

  3. Not only are you a beeg, blag cad, but you are also quite tall! Must be nice when things must be knocked off counters. I excel at opening cabinets, but knocking things off countertops -- not so much.

  4. You are indeed "a beeeg blag cad".

    Of course you are hungry, there's a lot of you to fill. How can the woooman resist those soulful eyes?

  5. Hah! I can reach that high too. Last night I managed to reach The Man's wine. Oops!