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Monday, April 6, 2009

The bandido

...bedhair wadge oud when he waghes orp an' corms oud arn the roop again, because Counsel Marzipan ees arn the case. Porsueen' a legal alternateeb to the biolence I was so lookeen' forward to.

Ees Counsel eento barndage? Why ees she weareen' so moch hardware aroun' hor negh?


  1. The Collar: A bell-so neither one can sneak up on each other, a name tag-in case either Cattorney decides to make a jailbreak, and the yellow tag, as both Cattorneys are microchipped. ;)

  2. Oh man, your CATtorney is a gorgeous cat! As (mostly) cats-of-peace (well except for Gingy and Sylvie who are constantly squabbling with each other), we encourage the pursuit of a legal solution to the bandito problem. Especially 'cause he's probably bigger than you...

  3. SHE? is a ginger cat? Oh, i am in love!
    Ralphie in Oz

  4. Mine, all mine. Wheech remine's me: I hab nard paid my beell yed.