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Monday, March 2, 2009

Whide storff






!%$%%#@!*&*^^^#@!##@@, #$!!???&*!!!.


I am takeen' deparseetions frarm any cad thad ees acquainted weeth my pain an' sorfhaireen' while the Wooman was away. Eef anyone has any eenpormation abou' my seetuation or the Wooman's behabiour, pleease sen' affeedabeed.


  1. You look exceptionally handsome and brave out there in the snow, Estorbo! Do your CaTorneys know that you're back on the internet? We can certainly testify that the Wooman was gallivanting around eating dried antelopes, drinking wine, and basking in the sun...

  2. Hermano, did you get pictures of your living conditions during your exile from blogging? There are many pictures of the Wooman enjoying the beauty of SA on her vacation ... Surely the Catorneys can make a case with photos as evidence???

    By the way, you look very handsome in your blag for against the white snow!

  3. I feel for you, Estorbo, but what if she tries to replace you because you sued her??? You would lose your roof top territory and she would be desolate. And where would we go to read about your antics. Try to get a settlement with feesh. That would be good.

  4. Beautiful daffodils, by the way. They should chase the snow away!

  5. We say: make tap-a, tap-a on her arm and ask, "polide boice," for FRESH sardines, served on a copy of NY Times.

  6. ah, hermano, liten up on the wooman. hyoomuns like to see ther famlees and hers is way far away, and her man is way far away, and they get to thinking sometimez that thatz a hardship. Mine sez she wrrkd harrd to be shur you had sumwon to take carr a you wile she wuz gone, an i noe it ain't like it shud be no mttrr how gud the caretkrr may be, but the wooman duz meen well and she duz try and it seems she gets it rite more often than not. an Mine haz a ritin that sez she [your wooman] missd you wile she waz gone, so mebbe take the hi rode, bro. take the hi rode. [wrrk it, of coorse, if thrr's sammin to be had, but take the hi rode. ventually]

    as evrrr

  7. QC - muchas gracias. Si, eed was berbery dangerous oud there

    ...dried ANDELOPE???

    Ikaika, hermano - No peectures. No ebidence. Yos my shatthaired psyche.

    ChreesJ - REPLAZE me? You cannard REPLAZE donestorbodelabodega dominincanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

    Can you? - smallboice.

    Flowers. Who needs them?

    Heear me roar: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

    R,G y Sporran: heheheheh. Ees goo' idea. Essept I hab yos gard bag frarm Moscow arn SEECRED meession to Puteen. Ees why I was so quied por so larng.

    Halloween: man, you led me down hermano. You are so forgheen' reaasonable! Taghe the high road. Ad the momen' I yam poneesheen' hor by eepeen' and reepeen papers ad 2a.m. teell she can' taghe eed no more an' feeds me pelleds. She's geddeen reengs aroun' the eyes. Looghs como the raccoon bastard bandido.

    I theenk my CATtorneys hab sorm high profile caze...they hab abandon' me.

  8. Hey Estorbo ;)
    I saw your comment on the Darling Ginger's blog(little Pixie was sick)
    I had to come see the fine black cat!!! I never turn down an opportunity to see a fine looking panther ;)
    I would stay out of that snow!! It's cold!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. We are back from a skiing vacation in Utah, Don Estorbo.

    We're ready to file a lawsuit against the Wooman. We will be asking for 3 metric tons of fish in damages. Will this be sufficient?

    Do you also require a lawsuit against her significant other & the airline that transported them?

    We estimate that it will cost you three grilled trout for us to file this action.

    It will also cost three dead mice for expenses. Is this satisfactory?

    NyM, CATtorneys at Law.

  10. Additionally, we can file a lawsuit alleging Alienation of Affection against Kedi the BleckfootedEfricanCat and the two Corgis...each would be required to remit a metric ton of fish each as damages...

    This would require a petition to the International court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands...

    What is your desired course of action, Estimado Don Estorbo?

  11. Thank Gard. My CATtorneys are bag! You had snowboards? You mos' hab looghed so CUDE een your snowsuits.

    Pleease, 3 greell' troud are yos perfeghd. You weell sen' me your bankee'n eenstroctions so I can deparseed feesh een accound while steell seezleen'? Or FedEx?? OR I coogh por you!

    Por fabor:Lawsuid agains the Wooman, si. Agains' the Man, yes. The airline ees South Afreecan, mose' definadely.

    Thad blegfootedefricancad, si. Bod she ees seeck. No...I weell be mercifol. She ees free.

    Bod the troncated, abbreviaded dargs! yes! yes! yes!

    I weel buy freezhair.

  12. Meeckee, hola Gato Negro. I hab seen you een the 'sphere...My gard bod we are good lookeen' mancads. Mi casa es su casa.

  13. Oh, hermano, thank you for being so merciful to the lovely Miss Kehdi. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time... a victim of circumstance. The d.a.r.g.s, well , I dunno ...

    I am relieved that the catorneys are back and on the case.

  14. We are going to become lawyers since we like the fees they charge!

    Oh! Dinah says to tell you the word thingy is: codis. This is a good omen, si?

  15. Estorbo! Enough ragging on your wooman! Sometimes we hoomans just have to go where our lovely cad(s)companions cannot join us!

    Please forgive her and move on. Repeat after me: OOOOOMMMM - shardeens- OMMMMMMM-

  16. We got some white stuff down here too, but not nearly as much as you did! Poor you, no Woman to serve you sardines.