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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Lighe a feesh een a basket. The Wooman has made booby trabs all around the terrace. One day thees trab weell be feelled weeth roses.


  1. How is it that you are trapped by mere rosebush cages?

  2. Your fur, Storbie--it seems a bit disheveled in this photo. What happened?

  3. I think she was just trying to make sure you didn't fall off. What's on the other side? -- a long drop to the street?

  4. Muy estimado señor Estorbo,

    Siento mucho que Ud. no haya sido elegido finalista de la competición sur africana de blogs del año 2009.

    Quiero asegurarle que yo voté para él. Supongo que la gente habrá pensado que Ud. es dominicano antes de ser sur africano.

    En todos casos, le deseo buena suerte con su búsqueda eterna por los pellets y la verdad. Ojalá sigua divirtiéndonos con sus historias por mucho tiempo.

    Un amigo suyo,


  5. What? Comment moderation? This is intolerable, the captchas were already annoying as hell!

    All this because of a simple kiss to a dog? Well, I know, some people were obviously getting the wrong idea - and expressing it rather crudely, not to say rudely - but pleeeaaase, freedom! ;-)

  6. N y M: the stupeed roseboosh weeth preeckles caught my head behine' eet, and thad ees why my forr ees roffled. The Wooman had to eghstreecade me muy careful so I was nard preecked.

    ChreesJ - no, ees shord drarp ob 1 food to an order roop. Larng drarp ees to the lefd, pas' the feeg. I stomped arn the Wooman's seeds an' rocked the feeg an' she had heestereecs, sayeen' I woul' fall to the groun'. Now eed ees feexed an' I hab passage to the basket. Also the rose branches wor ebeected.

    Senor X - muchas gracias. Leesten: I hab Afreecan blood. No one appreciade me. Why, !PORQUE! does the Wooman maghe eed to the Finals? You know she ees so poffed orp now I can do nartheen' weeth hor.

    Beence: heheheheh: moderation, eed was por you, hermano! Someone was tryeen' to heet arn you! He said he weesh he was darg so he could keess you WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKAkAkakakakaakakakakakaaaa. Geeggle. My gard I cry weeth tears. Ees so fonny.

    Bod he was yooman, you are yooman, and thees ees blarg por CADS! Ok? Ok!

    Moderation ees arf.

  7. Hermano, how could they not see you have African blood? I just don't get it either ... most unfair. As for the Wooman -- let her have her day in the sun, amigo -- she worked hard for it.

    Moderation??? Huh? I guess I missed something ...

  8. http://moreidlethoughts.wordpress.comMarch 23, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    Ah, hermano...we are all disappointed you did not make the finals. But you know that we supported you.

  9. them roses is a bother. Mine's got a coupla knds a lavndrr in the yrrd-- soft an it smells nice, even in winter. an itz shrubby, which is gud for sittin under and wachin the brrds. but them roses, thair no gud fer sittin undrr and wachin the brrds, ifffen ya jump up too fast ya get scritches all over ya self. kinda spoyls the effekt, distracts ya frum yer purrpus,ya noe what i mean?