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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hor cheateen' heart

Eed has corm to my attention thad the Wooman has lorbed an order cad een hor libe.
I yam so depress'...
Loogh ad thad cad. He ees so beeg, so manly, he has red collar, he looghs eentelleegent. He prorbably engineered thad trock she ees makeen'.
To theenk I was nard the fors'.


  1. I sympathize with you, hermano... this one is always a bitter pill to swallow. But on the other paw, it only proves the Wooman's lifelong love and commitment to the feline species. That's how I look at it anyway ...

    By the way, your Wooman was a very pretty little tyke.

  2. Dinah has loved many,many cats (well, she's very,very old!) and we like to think she was practisin' so that she can love us you say?...muy bueno.

  3. Gosh she was a cutie! (Our meowmy loved Tinker Toys, too.) Please don't feel bad, Estorbo, she needed to practice on other kitties so that she would have plenty of experience in the right way to love cats when she got to you.

  4. You could say that while you weren't the first, you were and are the best...

    Take heart, 'Storbie...It's not like your parents were even alive when that picture was taken.

  5. Cats cannot be jealous of one another because they share the same soul, fragmented in temporary different bodies and personalities. You were that cat, 'Storbie, and he is you. Any love you give to a cat goes to its Cat Soul, all past, present and future incarnations.

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  7. I can spell por sheet, here goes again:

    Ikaika! you know whad I mean...

    RG y S: I bed you guys are older than Dinah. Afthair the praghteeseen', deed she ged eed righd?

    QC - cude? Egh. Small cheelren know nartheen'...

    Neko y Marzipan: fors', smoghe' or greelled por the trou? Say smoghed, say smoghed...

    An'...WHAD! My parends wor dead????????? Ees terreeble!!!!!

    Seegreed? Que? Thad cad ees nard me. Non. No No NO No. Ees an order cad. I nebber shared nartheen' weeth heem. Also, he looghs como he ade steak por deener.

  8. ...and go ahead and donate our fee to the local cat shelter. :)


  9. We meant your parents likely weren't even born when that photo was goof.

  10. CATtorneys: my Gard. My parents wor wornce keeteens???


    Pleease to sen' lan' address to my email por troud. A deal ees a deal.

  11. 'Storbie, it's ok... Think of all the things you're the best at: doing the scratcha, making buns, looking like a turkey, killing Netflix envelopes, detecting fires and smoke, trashing cameras, eating mango, doing the window dansce and more... You are the best!

  12. well, bro, i doan think ennybudy ken practiss love, i think eethrr ya do or ya doant, ya ken or ya kent, but it says in a book sumwhayr sumthin lyke 'when i was a child i thot as a child but now that i am a [woo]man i put away childish things.'
    now is whut mattrrs my brother, now is whut we got, an it looks ta me lyke ya both got sumthin fyne. exceptin the part abowt running off to look at jackells. thet prrt i doan get, but i try an take fokes as i findz em. it innit allwayz eazy, but i try.

  13. I bet the first cat didn't have a web site/blog and so many fans... or cat nip growning on the balcony under a full moon... or sardines....