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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cessation ob harsteeleeties

Man. The Wooman pulled a fas' worn: she gard seeck.

So I had to go ou'side an' peeck horbs por hor. Thyme ees good antibioteec. My drorgs are makeen' new shoots, but pequeno.

Can you use thees grass? Maybe you need to throw orp?

I had to seed arn the bed por 4 days.

I had to preten' to be friendly an' lorfeen', all the time theenkeen' onteel she tells the Trooth there can be no recarnceeleation.

I mos' theenk.

How do I encourage hor to carnfess?

Ees' esshausteen'!!!

Tell me, Wooman, I tried, while she barked to hide hor shame...You hab changed: whad happen' down there een thad country?

She say, Carff Carff Carff!
I say, OK, Calm down, I weel hole' your hand. Feel my beadeen' heart.

Then thees morneen' she wanted carffee, so I know she's feeleen' bedhair: ony dreenks tea when seeck. Colonial.

Then I know she's bedhair: she broshes me weeth BlueZoom teell I ged mad. I hab no more forr lefd, man!

So. We have talks abou' talks. Then we weell talk. An' all weell be rebealed.


  1. If your wooman is able to brush you so hard she must, indeed, be better.

  2. Estorbo, you know she wouldn't have gotten better without your kind snuggling and purring! I'm sure when she's feeling better she'll tell you can suggest she put her thanks into some Fresh Feesh.

  3. Tell your woooman that everyone I know has had that bug. Me too! Give her a break Estorbo, that 'carf,carf,CARF!! is ecks-austin!

  4. Gosh you are a handsome devil (just like us). Good to have you back hermano very good. We kept looking and looking and looking, as you would say dayeenan'dayout until we were exhausted with looking. Thanks for the zoom reminder - we are shedding fur and dropping other hints so lets hope we get some zooming zoon. x

  5. What a handsome fellow you are Senor Estorbo... and your white ear whiskers are most distinguished. I'm glad you and the Wooman are finding some common ground again.

  6. For heaven sake Bobo, if ceasing the hostilities shuts you up like that, by all means, keep sparring!!