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Monday, October 20, 2008

Work oud!


  1. feel the brrn, bro, feel the brrn.

  2. Well, that's the point, Halloween, Estorbo needs to burn those calories... ;-)

  3. Hallow ween, this is the Wooman. Thank you for being so encouraging. Next, I will play a Jane Fonda video for him. I see him in four yellow leg warmers.

    Beence - I think Hallow een gets the point. He says he will practise when you are here...

    Marie - oh, that's me.

  4. i ain't sined up fer no xersize no mattrr who's around. persunally i think Mine has the rite idea, she says she gets hrr xersize by reedin the hard covrr vrrzhun of books.

    Mine wants ta noe if Es's yello wrrmrrs will also be cross garter'd. i dunno whut that means, but Mine sez itz to do wit a play about the 12th nite.

  5. ps, yer welkum, altho i think Es mite not like it so much [so ya dint heer it frum me --ok?]

  6. Cute! Cute! CUTE!!!!

    But if you do this too much, Estorbo you will no longer be the 'beeg blagh cad'!

  7. I like your workout music buddy.

  8. Oh yes, leg warmers definitely... the yellow will set off your beautiful, black furs!

    The male human made a silly suggestion: when the Wooman wants the sliding glass door cleaned, she should attach little scrubbers to your paws and put you out on the terrace. I reminded him it didn't work when he tried it on the one of us who does "scratcha" on the hall mirror, so why would it work with the great Don Estorbo???


  9. rusty,geiger and sporranOctober 20, 2008 at 8:38 PM

    oh, man! tell your wooman to stop with the yellow leggings.Please! Let's retain our feline dignity. But we do think this looks like fun...

  10. (Melanie here [aka Mine])
    beence, Sorry to be obscure about the Jane Fonda reference.

    And marie, apologies for Halloween's outburst about the exercising. He thought the "he" in "he will will practise" referred to him. Of course, he thinks most things refer to him...

  11. Gee, Estorbo, you look very mad that she's not letting you back in the house. We had ours well trained...we would lean on the storm door, it would bang, and she would let us in. Then we would sit in front of the door when we wanted to go back on. If our mental powers weren't enough to reach her, we would delicately scratch at the woodwork. This produced very fast results!
    signed: quiltcat's cats

  12. Hey Hermano you look great = trim; in shape; fit and we particularly like your exercise disc. We want one. But our Minder says she's never seen the like before. Hummpphh human elderly eyes = really!

  13. Hallow een: I feld eed.

    Beence: calories??? Whad are you talkeen' abou', calories?...I ead Heell's LIGHD. Eed ees nard food, eed ees air.

    WOOMAN?? Ged oud! Ged oud! Ged oud!Hamba soeka, wena!

    Hallow een: hello again. Whad ees Twelfth Nighd? Gardhairs are como Holy Rabbits. I theenk.

    ChreesJ: I deed nard feel cude, ledmetellyou.

    Seegreed? Talk to the paw. I was larcked oud, nard workeen' oud...

    Ikaika: my gard. The Wooman eef she reads thees weell yomp arn thad idea. Slabe labor.

    Beence: hola again...doan' soun' so sad. Tomorrow you weell SEE ME! Lorcky you! (smallboice)...are you breengeen'...f.e.e.s.h.?

    Downondercads: No legeen's! Hey, Sporran, how ees your leg? You know the yoomans biolated your righds abou' no seelly forcorts, lighe the CATtornies said?

    Melanie? Hallow een's yooman: doan' apoloyize por nada.cads doan'. Why shoul' you? Dargs cannard starp apoloyizeen'...I doan mean to say you are a darg, doan' ged me wrarng.

    Queeltcads: Sormtimes I need to corm een immediadely afthair I hab garn oud.

    Dargweethablarg: - hello? - hola? Shoul' you nard have wreetten anorder pose' by now? Eed ees your WORN month blarg borthday, you seelly darg!

    Happy borthday to you happy borthday to you happy borthday deear da-harg! Happyborthdaytoyou!

    Sheet. Soon ees the Wooman's borthday. Whad ees a cad to do? I know. A nice Brookleen rad!:fresh an' steell tweetcheen'..

  14. Oh Estorbo! How will she react to that??? A rad steell tweetchen???!!! Better you catch that raccoon -- carefully!