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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Bell

The Wooman an' Beence makeen' me wear collar...


  1. They're laughing in your face, man! Don't stand for that shit! Or demand more pellets for your entertainment value. Dayin Dayoud

  2. Hmmm. I must say it is rather humiliating -- and annoying for a cat of your stature. At best you could say they are afraid of losing you to the raccoon, but how insulting is that! Ah well, if you want your feeesh you have to humor them a little.

  3. watsa 'collar'?


  4. Geiger: same as mine -red.
    Sporran...mine was purple, but I lost it. hee-hee. Now I have an old black one.
    Rusty...I refuse!

  5. I am nebber weareen' thad bell. The bell is dead, I keelled eed. An' the collar ees yos por when I go ou'side weareen' my camera.

  6. I was just going to ask you if the Wooman and Beence were planning to send you out on another photo hunt ...

    On account of what happened to Nigel, one of the cats-who-cam-before, none of us has to wear a collar. He got his lower fangs caught in the collar when he tried to chew it off while the human was at work. When she got home and saw how distressed the old guy was, she got a permanent case of the guilts. So now, we don't have to wear collars.

    But I must say, red is your color!