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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Senor Don Gato - no, nard me.

Photo: Gowanus Lounge

Sarmbardy, please, adarpt my compadre here!!! He's so cute. He looghs yos como yo...Eben I want heem!


  1. Holy moley!!! Don Gato looks not only como tu, Estorbo, but also just like Midnight, one of the formerly feral female kitties who live with me. He even has a clipped left ear like Midnight, which means he must have been a former feral or stray (when feral cats are trapped to be "fixed", the vet also clips one of their ears to indicate that the cat is a feral who has been treated and is living in a managed colony). So-o-o ... is the Wooman thinking that you need a compadre to keep you company? Just wondering ...


  2. With the tipped ear, Don Gato has the look of one of our prior clients, Don Gatto, an alleged Mafioso cat, who we saved from the IDOCC (Illinois Department of Cat Corrections.) Very Macho.