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Sunday, June 21, 2009

War Games

Death to the streeng.

The Wooman tole mi Hermano she feel' geelty porque I hab no fancy toys. I only hab streeng.

Toys! Whad are you sayeen'? I yam nard a keedhen. I doan' need no T.o.y.s. An' the streeng??? Eed ees porbleec Enemy Numero Uno.

An' when the ratton ad the en' ees made ob Nedfleeghs eed geds berbery serioos.

Ged thad camera oud ob my faze NOW Wooman or I weell amputade your arm.

I yam forced to worgh onder corbhair.

Stealth bombhair.

You woan' know whad heed you.


  1. Last Picture:

    "I has a butt. Perhaps you'd like to pet it?"

  2. Hahaha!! Your CATtorneys are very funny! I know what you mean about toys, hermano. The human buys us toys which we obligatorily play with for a few minutes then don't look at for weeks. We like bugs and boxes and paper sacks. Haven't the humans figured it out yet ... the WHOLE WORLD is a cat toy!

  3. The wooman ees goeen' to keell me.

  4. She will not kill you, Estorbo. Maybe she will give you canned sardines.
    Remind her about the other camera...

  5. bottle caps can skitter across the floor and make henry crazy. sometimes he'll even fetch them for me! twisty ties can also get Hen in a wildly kittenish frenzy. we're into being green and recycling here at our house...don't need no fancy cat toys from the store.

    and sometimes my leather sewing thimble disappears for a few days...

  6. Lots of redundant fake mice in this house, if the Wooman is interested. Like you, we aren't, but humans are easily amused.

    From Lottie and Millie

  7. Estorbo, your woooman is hilarious! Pleeese, pleeese will you let her look at the D.A.R.G.S on my blog. She can't fall in love with them because they are wooorking dogs. She can't take them home with her. You are FAR above them, Don Estorbo, (but they are cute! -- as are you, of course.)

  8. come on now wooman. chew argh keeeeling me...