blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Northeen' stays the same.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Northeen' stays the same.

Theen's hab change' aroun' here: I hab to be careful.

I hab to be alert. Senses awaghe. Ready por anytheen'...

Loyal, also. Well-behabe'...

Eed ees no larnghair two eemmeegran's leebeen' togethhair, me an' the Wooman.

Soddenly, I yam an alien.

Lighe a mouse en a trap.

Lighe a carckroach arn the rooptarp (speakeen' ob wheech: WHAD happen' to the carckroach I brough' home las' nighd as a geef'??? Eed was enourmoos; I had been farmeen' eed free range arn my roop por years! Deesappear. see whad I mean? Northeen' ees safe no more).

The Wooman ees now the Boss. She ees Americana. She can keeck me oud anytime eef I doan' aghd goo'. Sen' me obhair the fence an' back to the steecks.

'Ees geebeen' me a headache.

I heerby declare arn oath, thad I absoludely, an' entirely, renounce and abjure [Que?] all allegiance and feedeleety to any foreign preence, potenate [sorry Fidel!], state or sobereignty ob whom or wheech I hab here24 been a sobyect or ceeteezen: thad I weell soppaw' and defen' the Wooman and the laws ob the Wooman agains' all eneemies, foreign an' domesteec: thad I weell bear true faith an' allegiance to the same: thad I weell bare claws arn behalp ob the same when required by hor law: thad I weel pearform narncarmbatant serbeece when require by the law ob the Wooman: thad I weell pearform worgh ob Wooman-deemed eemportance onder Yooman direcion [theese sorks] when required by the Wooman's law [Dios mio]: AND thad I taghe thees arbleegation freely, weethoud any mental reserbation, or pearpoise ob ebasion; so help me Beeg Cad een the Sky.


  1. Dios mio, and soon I'll have to do the same. Oh, wait a minute, I already did... ;-)

  2. protekt an deefend, bro. protekt an deefend.
    i'm not too shur that 'cat blankit' is wunna the approved uses in the flag protocall, but ya look gud in the colors. mitey gud.


  3. so big forr - dus this meen thet u r not cumming to wek here queshion mark there r lots of rets in the garden end in me tipsis roof end big beds calld hadidahs in the garden to pee ess i am spending the day in ed

  4. i ment to say in bed

  5. But why do you need to make an oath of allegiance or anything else that tries to curb a true free and independent spirit that knows no bounds?

    And anyway, do you think those stupid that the White House seems to go in for could make such an oath?? So why should you.....

  6. I'm ba--ack! Missed you Estorbo! Even if you do use naughty words. You give me the best laugh on the blogs. So your woooman joined us, eh? We did the same thing a few years ago. But yesterday was flag day and we were too tired (and I was coughing too much) to find the flag and put it up. Oh, and I saw A LOT of those D.A.R.Gs all together at one time. They like the snow, man! How crazy is that? There were 250 of them. Keep watching my blog this week and I'll show you -- and you will hear them too. I don't dare tell Bailey. He has hardly recovered from his 'holiday' in the kennels. It has to be the kennels because if I have a cat-sitter, he misbehaves big time. He does the opposite of what you did when you were sick. The vet says he is too attached to me.

  7. Lucretia - Yaaaay!!!!


    Beence: You..already deed Oh! You are the Wooman's prarpertee, I forgard...heheheheheh.

    Halloween, hermano. Cat blankit, no. I yam lookeen' afthair eed!

    Meess Kehdi! I woul' steel lighe to worgh por you. I yam good weeth the rattons. There are beeg beds an' you spen' the day...een...a beeg bed? Afreeca ees crazee, man.

    Rachel, ees seemple: no oath, no pelleds. ^^

    ChreesJ, I meessed you. Admeet eed, you lorf the badwor's. Ees nard my fauld. I grew orp een the gotthair. So Bailey lighe to pee! He's yos tellen thad cadseeter thad eberytheen' een the house belarngs to heem! We can lend you cork por Bailey...