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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Thees ees a good esempio ob Boodheesm: rejecghd cornfort.

Thees ees Meess Kehdi een Cape Town. Peecture by Beence.

Een the cage onnerneath the keeddy, are mize made frarm wire.


  1. Mine sez she had a cat wunce what did the same thing -- stared at the wall, contemplatin nuthinness. vrry zenn. [doan noe whut zenn iz but Mine sez its a gud thing -- keeps ya cahmm, tht's alwayz a gud thing.]

    its gud to see miz kehdi, as always. an lookin so spry. pleeze send her our compliments an bsst regarrdz.


  2. What lovely pictures of the beautiful *sigh* Miss Kehdi ... contemplating the sound of one paw scratching ... (or not). Thank you, hermano ... you've made my day!

  3. Is Kehdi scared? Her pupils are the size of dinner plates... looks like her fight or flight response is kicking in...

  4. From the woman:

    Kehdi is still hanging in there, with regular trips to vet to deal with her failing health. But she is eating, speaking, and purring and grooming herself. Selina and my mom share her at night. Alternating nights she sleeps on the one or the other bed.

    Her pupils are dilated because she cannot see well anymore, so is trying to let in as much light as possible. She is raging (in a very sweet way) against the dying of the light.

  5. Aw f**k. So sorry for the lack of tact. I did not know she was ailing or elderly. Sorry.

  6. Dear Estorbo's Woman,

    Thank you for the health update on Miss Kehdi. I send her gentle purrs ...



  7. Neko y Marzipan doan worree! Por CATtorneys you are so senseeteeb. Kehdi's eyes do loogh beeg an' when mine looh lighe thad there ees either FIRE! or VED! or CARNSTRARCTION WORGHAIR!

    Gracias, Ikaika. I tell hor.

  8. Hallow een, sorry, tell hor abou' the bes' regards tambien. ^^