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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pobrecito Teddy Boy

The Wooman tole' me thad the troncaded d.a.r.g.een Cape Town, Ted the Corgi, had beeg acceeden' an' was roshd to the v.e.d.

He ran eento a smallfence een the gardhen (fence to keep stupeed dargs oud ob the flowers) an' gard pieceobfence een the eye. Selina hord heem cryeen' an' rescued heem : he was storck, weeth fence attached to heem. The People wor oud, and when they came home she tole' them whad had happen'. Meanwhile she had call' seestereenlaw ob Wooman who rosh' Ted to harspeetal.

Ted weell be OK. His eye weell be OK. He has drarps. I can' belieb I am wrideen' seempathedeec abou' canine.

Anyway. Beence send me thees heesterical an' deestorbeen' peecture ob Ted an' the Wooman frarm February. DOAN' ask me whad they wor doeen'. The Wooman says she was geebeen Ted a bath.

Looghs feeshy to me.


  1. Poor Ted, that was a horrid thing to happen to a dog. I'm glad he is going to be OK. Liked the photograph of The Wooman and Ted:):)

  2. I know dogs sometimes do stupid things but we have to feel sorry for Ted. But the lady giving the dog a bath -- does she know she's on the blog looking like that??!!!

  3. Beencxe: lighe I said.

    Rowan: I ighed the photo too. I ged to pose' peectures the Wooman would born.

    ChreesJ: thad ees no lady. Thad ees the Wooman! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!

    You doan wan' to heear the badwor's she said when she saw I posted eed...^^

  4. Poor Ted! I send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery ... but I am still chuckling at the picture!

  5. Muy sympatico about the eye.(Even if it is a stupid dog!)Remember what happened to me?
    And that out the Wooman does not sneak in and hack your blog to remove the evidence!