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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My weeken'

I ate the Japanese grass. Again.

I threw orp. Again.

Stay away, Wooman. Thees ees my grass now. You keep your weadgrass kaka. I'm warneen' you: my lefd hook ees muy formeedable.

Sonday morneen':

I lay een bed arn the Wooman's book.

Ees boreen' book.

So self-eenbolbed.

Eed made me tired.

I relaghsed.

I thoughd abou' the mobie I wadged las' nighd: Bolt.

Ees fonny.

Abou' a stupeed d.a.r.g. an' cad weeth brain.

I lorb Nedfleeghs.


Maybe I shoul' be een the mobies.

I can play dead, too.

I yam ready por my close-orp now.


  1. we'd love to come to your premier! karen and henry

  2. Nedfleeghs ... I didn't recognize the envelope in one piece!

  3. stoopid Internet Explorer for some reason wouldn't let us open your previous post, although we can read it on Google reader. Great pictures of you! The roof silhouette is especially handsome.

  4. I loved reading this - came here via Ginger Cats Tales. Shall definitely be back. Hasta La Vista Don Estorbo:)

  5. ua'd be a nchrul in the mobies, bro. jus remmbrr ta hold onta the merchandizing rites cuz evvrybuddy and hrr brutehr is gonna want an estorbo doll, mug, calundrr, t-shrrt, lisense plate frame. . .


  6. Halloween has a good point!

    (There are more ginger cats at our blog!)