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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sarngbord Migration

Es thad...a bord????

Today a preedy, tiny yellow bord (yos como the sarng) flew EENTO my apardmen'. Then eed flew oud. Then eed sad arn the si'e dob the terrace. Then I wen' mad. Then the Wooman say NO ESTORBO! Eed's a sarngbord [lighe I said???] an eed ees migradeen'...

Migradeen' eento my mouth! I say

She larck me in the bedroom.


Hello, Houston? We hab a prarblem: yes, directd the flighdpath ob the sarngbords to the folloween' co-ordinades...Who am I? escuse me, you're breakeen' orp...Plan-ed Orth ees blue an' there's northeen' I can do...phshghghghghgshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No bords hab arribed yed. To cheer me orp the Wooman tells me meelk ees cormeen'. So I do the Meelk Dance.

Deleecious, nutritious, meelk.


  1. You look very cool in your Mission Control outfit. Ed Harris looked better than you, but just by a few hair. Less.

  2. Ed Harrees looghed BAIRDER than me???? Are you forgheen' keedeen' me man? Loogh ad my poise, my carnfeedance. He sweated!

    I cannard beliebe thees.

  3. Ok, ok, but you could be Tom Hanks, since you were actually calling Houston. How well do you handle the lack of oxygen? And can you run? ;-))

  4. Tarm Hanghs ees a Wuss.

  5. No matter how many times I read it, Estorbito, your accent still makes me laugh at loud and nearly spit out my coffee.
    With all due respect of course. When I grow up I want to talk like you.

  6. Breegeette

    Well, 'ow ees your accent, eh??? Maybe you maghe me speet oud my meelk...Gracias for the carmpleemend. Ees easy to talghe lighe me. You seemply drar' the consonan' a' the en' dob the wor'....Oh. An' you hab to be Domeeneeca', too. Tty Fors hab a dree'.

    [Dreenk, OK???]

    Eed also helpbs eef you barb your hea' frarm si'e to si'e...

  7. Nebbermind Tty...

    ...ees acceeden'