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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Flea

Scratcha scratcha scratcha

Eetch eetch eetch


I hab a flea.

I nebber had flea before.

WHO gabe me the flea.

Eed ees a fas' flea.

Eed ron queeck.

Scratcha scratcha scratcha

There behine' my ears...

My Meesers say to me, Cad, WHY are you scratcheen' so moch? Por days now you hab been scratcheen'...

(Yoomans are useful por pointeen' out the bleedeen' obbious)

So thees morning ad 4.15 am, because she has northeen' bairder to do, she scratches por me my ears. Then she starps, then she looghs close lighe weeth microscope. Then she say loud. A FLEA!!!!!!!


I welcome myself to the world. I knew it was too good to last.

You should see the Wooman while I yam tybeen' thees:

Eetch eetch eetch


  1. Well Big Don, welcome to the real world! This is what happens when the housecleaning stops. My mistress is shocking, she reads, gardens, birdwatches( yes!) and the housework goes to hell. Creeping grime, decadence and then - FLEAS! It's hell in Africa.

  2. A bit of advice, man, well, cat, keep the thing to yourself or you'll get in big trouble... You could, however, train it.

  3. My flea's name is Maradona

  4. Welcome amigo to our world. We two have fleas (or we have two fleas) whatever. They DO itch like crazy and we scratch like mad. Even the dog is being bathed and combed. Hope yours is a single flea and there are no eggs being laid....

  5. Clarence & CuthbertOctober 4, 2007 at 1:17 PM

    Hola Don E

    Yes, we also had small hopping visitors this summer, as did the three dogs. In the end, M had to resort to using special stuff and said sorry to us when she put it on. We told her to stop being an holistic wuss and get on with it. Just give us the relief, we pleaded, we don't care what's in it. So she did. And we felt much better. And the fleas vamooshed.

    Maradona eh? Mmm. Ours would probably have been called Geoff Hurst and Bobby Moore, names lost in the mists of time but appreciated by English football fans of a certain age. Apparently.

    Adios amigo!

  6. Storf especial? Ees eed lighe sham poo? or lighe real pooh?


    eetch eetch eetch