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Friday, July 20, 2012

Flyeen' feesh

The yoomans are escapeen' to the roop sormtimes to maghe the peecneec. 

Las' time, they maghe accident y throw the peecneec down arn the terrace. Eed was wonnerful, porque the peecneec was meat weeth fish sauce. Made beeg essplocion all ober the terrace. Las plantas wor cobered een tuna. Eed was lighe bein' een forgheen' heaben. I go leeckleeckleeck. The Smooothman hab nerbous breadown. I tell heem, doan' worry, be happy, the Wooman feeds the feesh fertilizer anyway to las plantas, y thees tasdes moch beddhair. Here, I say, hab a leaf, ees delicioso. 

Cad? He say.

Yes? I say.

Sormtimes you talgh too moch.

Whadebber, I say. Escyoose me por tryeen' to maghe you feel bedder, bodderfeengers.

Oh shortop, he say.

Sure, I say. No prarblem.



  1. My cats have a rule: What Falls On The Floor Is Legally Ours.

    That dropped dinner was yours by right. Just tell him.

  2. The universe is trying to make it up to you!

  3. I wish I could have been there to see it! Keep moochin' around in that spot Estorbo they may have missed a bit even if they did hose it off. I bet it will still smell divine to your delicate nose.

  4. We read the other side of this story on the Wooman's blog. Estorbo, you have a gift with the Eeenglish langwidge. "Bodderfingers" is an excellent word.

  5. What a funny scene, Storbie!

    humans are happy to have you there to clean all so easily

  6. Check your contract - you DO have one? Right? - i bet cleaning up spills is not in it. Therefore, you have rendered an extra service and should be compensated. Yes?

  7. What Rachel said, hermano. I thought every human knew that. (And don't you just lorb eed when they maghe food esspliciones?)

  8. While the words "leeckleeckleeck" conjure orp peectures of leetle naranja wornsies een my head, I yam delighted to read a new, mas de positeeve meanin' por thad onomatopoeia...

  9. LOLOLOLOLOLOL and even more LOL.

  10. Ha! Some people have no sense of humor, eh?