blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Eep, yo.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Eep, yo.

My libe ees becormeen', how you say...eensoppordable.

Sleed y snow.

Fire y ize.

Sormtheen's gard to geeb.


  1. More's coming tonight and tomorrow

  2. Sorry for your misery, but you look so handsome on your terrace in the snow!

  3. Fabulous photo , as always.
    While I thoroughly enjoy the humor.....
    wonderful stuff, the pictures are always exceptional.

    We need an Estorbo coffee table book!!

  4. Something is going to give very soon, Don Estorbo de la Comida Complicada. Our bachelor's habits are going to be shaken loose, for the best.

    Soon, I can no longer call you "O kitty my kitty" with a tremolo in my voice (unless I want to appear unmanly and weak), and soon, you can no longer sleep all day and beg all night.

    Order is about to be restored. The love of our lives is coming home.

    There will be hugs and many kisses. Their will be compliments paid on how beautiful your coat looks "Sans mentir, si votre plumage se rapporte à votre ramage, vous êtes le Phénix des hôtes de ces bois." (for the Frenchies out there) There will be hikes all the way to the top of the roof and its farm, where air is thin but cattle roam freely. There will be better pawdicures because I suck at it.

    In one word word... Perfection.

  5. Oh Estorbo, the snow and your misery will pass. I hope you have worked out the sleeping arrangements for when the Wooman returns and takes your place next to the Smoothman. Otherwise, there could be a very loud Eeeeeeep! in the night to be heard all the way out here on the West Coast.

  6. si, the bachelor pad will give way to logic and order

    have we seen the last of your outfits?

    you look good in snow

  7. What a striking picture! Truly fire and ice. Your papa makes me laugh. I am imagining Beence crooning "oh kitty, my kitty" with tremolo. I have enjoyed both the pictures and text from your papa. I am looking forward to the Wooman's return and her appreciation of a nice cat with a beautiful, lush coat.

  8. This, too shall pass, hermano! Soon the Wooman will return and life will be normal ... dayeen, dayoud.

    Oh, M. Beence, you are so funny! But I don't think the hermano will fall for the flattery.

  9. Bout time eh? Sweet words, Beence :)

  10. happy for you Beence and the ever photogenic Estorbo. What a lucky animal he is!

  11. ey Storbie, do you know? curiosity kills the cat (la curiosidad mató al gato), brrrr! qué fríooo you´re lucky with mr. Beence.