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Friday, August 5, 2011

Libe ob the rancher

Ees a prarblem arn the roop. Bord ead the beeg tomato whad was yos ripe. So I waid, I waid. Bod no bord.

Dayeen, dayoud.

Why ees my tail wed?



  1. Estorbo, the great Pioneer Woman Rancher gave up on her vegetable garden this year.
    Maybe you should put netting around the tomato plants? It is hard to stay there watching for bords 24/7

  2. That looks like a farm! It's quite an urban vegetable patch. Psssst, I hear those birds come early in the morning. Do you patrol at dawn?

  3. Even though they have bord brains, they are very clever and will not show up with you on patrol. Netting is probably the best. We have many magpies here and they are like a gang of banditos going after free food and wearing their gang colors. So watch your back! Bords are thieves and they will attack!!

  4. You are all very silly.
    Bless your hearts!!

  5. Storby, you need to ask the wooman for a camoflage shirt. Then the bords would not see you and you could easily get some... only to protect the tomatoes, of course.

  6. Hermano, maybe if you wore the orange short, the bords would mistake you for a tomato? I'm sure you would figure out what to do next!

  7. Look at those great tomatoes! You must be doing a good job, Estorbo. The idea of wearing your orange shirt is brilliant. I hope they are paying you enough for this work.