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Sunday, August 7, 2011

No Dargs!

Welcorm to my esseebeetion ob No Dargs. No Dargs means you can seet arn the grass weeth no pipi kaka beneath you. No Dargs means the flowers can grow. No Dargs means the cadneep weell be clean. NO Dargs means the Wooman can corm home weeth clean shoes eento the house. No Dargs means Estorbo's libe eees bedhair. Dayeeen, dayoud.

Eef you or sormworn you know has prarblem weeth los perros (d a r g s), thees ees the sign por you! Ees made by my amigo, arteest Frank Meuschke. Frank maghes lan'scabe painteen' bod the dargs maghe kaka arn his landscape, so he maghe sign.

You as' heem nice, he maghe worn por you, too. Tell heem I sen' you.

You email heem: nycgarden   at   gmail   dot   com


  1. I yam nard a darg pairsorn, bod I hab med eendebeeduals thad I lighe... howebhair, cads rule.

  2. Donatella senza caniAugust 7, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    *snif* That was lovely. I especially liked the blue one that says dogs and plantings don't mix. Plus, you have an international flavor with at least one Canadian sign. Well done!

  3. Don, you are so right! There is absolutely no excuse for not keeping things clean after one's dog. Dogs don't leave mess, their people do! Keep up the campaign.

  4. ...pipi kaka...*snort* I so love your way with words.

  5. No matter how much one may like dogs, or individual ones, their doggie doo doo is never pleasant to encounter. Good slide show!

    I agree with 7msn - pipi kaka is brilliant.

  6. Goodness, Estorbo what a dog problem you must have! We have a long beachfront walk where Many people take their dogs for a walk along there, but small blue plastic bags are provided in wooden containers every so often along the way and honestly I have NEVER seen a problem. Maybe Californians just like stuff for free!

  7. Dargs ... yep, pipi kaka pretty much sums it up.

  8. Lurv dargs, deespaize kaka.

    Note that is not the hand of God. But if you clean it up, you'll be just a little bit closer.