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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Carckroach keelhair

Yos sayeen'.

My yoomans hab made corfew por me. No mas roop ad nigh'...Why? Een case I "deesappear", "fall down", "ged larst", "hord myselb"?...


Strange coincidence: two nighds, two carckroaches. EEN THE APAR'MEN'. An' who alords you to thees eenbasion? Me!

Nebber, ebber before we ged them eenside. Whyporquewhy? Be-cause, befoooooore,  I yam rancheen' arn the roop an' takeen' care ob the hordes. The yoomans can heear me ronneen' ober their heads dadadadada, There goes Estorbo, they say, seengsarngboice, geegle, geegle.

Dam righ', there goes Estorbo. I yam forheen' worgheen', man! Thees ees Brooklyn! We leab neghs to Raccoon House! Are you styoopeed? Ees a bermeen prarblem arn thees roop only YOU doan' know abou' eed because I, yo, Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana-heear-me-roareeeeeeep, I TAGHE CARE OB EED...


Dios mio.

Led. Me. Oud.



  1. No Estorbo! I worry too much when you are out at night. Keel the roaches in the apartment.

  2. Roaches?? That's worse than racoons. I hate roaches! But still that's dangerous work on the roof top

  3. Las cucaraches often show up in paper grocery bags too. Good idea not to bring
    the bags into the house. I carry my own cloth bags for shopping.

    Have to tell you, Estorbo, I LOVE your blog.

    Thanks to you, the Woman and the Smoothman for all the fun!!

  4. Storbie, amigo, connais-tu la chanson de La cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar porque le falta la patita de detrás...
    be careful, they are so ugly !!

  5. Quite a dilemma for the humans, eh hermano? Cucarachas have been around much longer than we have and are likely to survive us as a species, but in the short-term, here's an interesting link:

  6. sheesh. whadda they think -- that yer gettin old?

    age cannot wither ya nor custom stayl yer infinit vareyetee, and all that.

    go well, hermano

  7. storbie - your humans LORB you so much

    but it is a little double standard they have

    hee hee

    I don't let my boys out at all - they look at birds and cats and rodents in their yard out the back door..... but no go outside at all.

    its the power struggle you can't stand

  8. Hey Estorbo cat, me (Henry/Enrique) and my crew (Jasper an' Fran) been findin' them tings runnin' over our turf this summer too. No sweat, hermano - a cool whack with one of your big paws and, bam, no more bug. Peace, vato. And stay off that roof, esse. Dat' $#(^ no good.