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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Man cad

I lighe the Smoothman. He nebber geebs me bagchad. Nebber lighe the Wooman: yadadadadadablablabla.

SILENCE, Wooman!

Eep. Always the eenstrorctions, always the rules, always the ideas. Can you nard be a leedle beed Zen?

Zen, whad ees thees? says the Wooman

Eed's como Leddeen' Go! I say

Bod eef you led go, Estorbo, she says, everytheen' falls down an' maghes a beeg mess.


Always you mos' tab an answer.

Can you led go of pelleds, Estorbo? she asks. Deed the fibe days een the copboard teach you northeen?

Si, I say, The fibe days een the copboar' weeth the bag ob pelleds taugh' how nice SILENCE ees. Also thad pelleds are golden, cronchy, deleecious, fragran', perfecdly roun', creespy, Dayeen, Dayoud!

Then why deed you beg your suppawrters to free you frarm the copboard? she say.

Because I coul' nard maghe stretcha eenside the copboar'!

Lighe thees!


  1. Alexander (the Great)October 6, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    So misunderstood, I'm with you brother.

  2. Poor kitty. Life is so ruff. Nobody gets it.

  3. My Gard Estorbo, ju lighes to lib dangherous' jes?

  4. We all like to maghe stretch.

  5. ay carumba Estorbo - you're so handsome - even weeth a jello short an head in de bag an arguin' weeth your mama.

  6. I like your little white Y-fronts Estorbo!

  7. those look like very happy curled feet...feels so good to stretch, doesn't it?!

  8. Do you know that you are showing corgi position No 1 ? It's protected,copyright, a corgi dog thing

  9. I don't care if you are a big black man cad..... you are soooo cute in your little shirts....

  10. You and the Smoothman seem very simpatico. Maybe the wooman should spend some time in the closet to find Zen.

  11. I like to sleep on my Mom's legs just like that! I think they might be almost as hairy as the Smoothman's legs. Ow! Mom! Why are you swatting me?!!!

    Emma the Calico Queen

  12. Hermano, we salute you. Dinah has no chance of dressing us in cute shirts.