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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Same ole' same ole'

I yam bag!!!!


Srsly, the Wooman has no sense ob yoomore. Or gradefulabeeleety.

You theenk she'd be happy to heear my boice. At 1am, 1.31am, 2am, 3 am. 3.12 am, 3.27am, 4 am, 5.03 am. Seex.

Bod no.

Deed she laugh an' say, Estorbo, I meess you so moch, I weeshed you wor een Rarckpor' weeth os arn the bed by the sea...



She say:




She chase me, een the dark, bomp eento the forniture.

Eep! I say.

She yompa oud ob bed.

I rosh onder chair. She pull me oud


She go bag to bed. She heed hor food arn something sharp. She say badwor'.

Eep? I say.

Shordorp! she heess. She no wan' to waghe the Smoothman. She say he need sleep.

Muy bien, I say. So you an' I can stay orp an' ead pelleds?

Peeg! she wheesper.

She say she no feed me arn deman' no more to keep a me quied. She say I yab torn' the yoomans eento Pablarb's darg.


Ad dawn the Smoothan feed me.

The I go to bed. I yam to tire'...

The Wooman say, Eep?



  1. Estorbo, you are the funniest cat in the world. Even if you say bad words sometimes,I still have to overlook it because you are very special. I know it probably isn't funny to you at times but as you know, we humans can have a warped sense of humor on occasion.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Estorbo, I think you may be a candidate for using an automatic feeder set to open at 1 am, 4 am, etc. Take the daily quantity of pellets and divide among the compartments. SMALL amounts, but just enough. It worked magic with my human sister's cat. She could hear the faint click all the way on the other side of the apartment. She no longer believed the human was the giver of food: the feeder was.

    Make sure the yoomans put a fresh battery in the feedhair though!

  3. You are our hero. Our Woman pitches magazines at us in the night. She has killer aim, even half asleep.

  4. Yup, you're back!! And not a day too soon ... I was dying of boredom.

    Simba has an interesting idea about the food, but I think you're too smart to be fooled into using the feedhair again! But seriously, hermano, the humans are in a much better mood if you hold the eeeeps until at least 6 in the am. Just sayin'.

  5. Never had a cat that liked to be awake at night. But I know there are a lot of them. The mechanical feeder sounds like a good idea. I bet it would work (with batteries! No repeats of the other episode!) We think cats love us but really it's all about the food, isn't it Estorbo?111

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  7. Estorbo, my cat Dylan (pictured in my avatar) says to tell you that putting your paw under a closed door and rattling it at dawn will usually get results. With practice, you can rattle really loud. If that doesn't work, peeing on the computer screen is a good way to get across the message that a cat's wish must be heeded.

    Sometimes training humans to do a cat's bidding is a long and thankless process.

  8. ROTFL So many great suggestions for you in here, 'Storbie... Except for peeing on the computer screen. That'll get you shot.

  9. Pee Ess: Better Pablarb's darg, hermano, than Schrödinger's Cat.

  10. Ay-ay-ay! Hermano, our friend Ikaika is right. That Schrodinger was a mean hombre.
    We think perhaps another feeder trial is the way to go.

  11. This is Geiger here...that other comment was from little Miss goody-Cat!I do not advocate automated plastic boxes. Waking the wooman is much more fun.

  12. Me too ...was getting withdrawal symptoms :-)beltings

  13. ooops ... a word in there that I didn't expect & now I don't know how to edit it. I feel so foolish ...

  14. The Feline Overlords at Life in Rehab salute you and are now following you. And they cuss up a storm too.