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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Men and cats

Pappa I mean Beence, you are so byoodeeful: I lorb you.


Thad looghs so goo'.

The eggs are organeec, yes?

Also sorm pancetta, maybe?

Ah, que rico, muchas gracias, mmm,mmmm...


I yam ber' sorry. Sormtimes I doan' know my own strength.

Whad are you loogheen' ad Wooman?

Now we men mos' taghe a forteefyeen' nab...

I gard your bag, hombre. No worn weell dare maghe hattagh.

I yam tire' ob the Wooman. She can go ay-way.

Pee ess.

Eed ees my BORTHDAY arn the 9th ob Augus'...

Yos sayeen'.


  1. Estorbo! You are one spoilt cat!

    Pee ess - I hope Vince's fingers did not bleed too much.

  2. Storbee !!!! your birthday is on Womans' Day !!!!!! What say you now ? A lovely little "man/cat" story by the way

  3. You and Beence are like this ... *crosses toes* ... how cool!

  4. Hola! Hermano, we think you have the right approach.Our man is also a pushover if we behave politely.
    August 9 is duly noted.

    w v is layzi. to that we say: th

  5. Aww, Vince and Estorbo, what an adorable father-son pair you make!

  6. You BIT him?!! Estorbo, how could you?! A feisty, black and white kitten bit me yesterday -- just ten week's old. It made me shout OW! and drew blood! It looked only like a pin prick but now it's a little red and swollen.I'm hoping no penicillin needed. It's good to have nice sharp, white teeth but they are quite a weapon. Nice photos of you and Beence. You must still be in favor.