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Monday, May 31, 2010

Gracias Alexa por holdeen' my paw las' nigh' por my las' minutos arn Fazeboogh, wheech ees now dead. ' Also, she has berber' goo' Spaneesh aghsen' - I hope she leebs carments here more, so you can see ead ...

I enjoy Social Networgh por a larng time, an' foun' nice frien's, bod as I tole hor, sormtimes you lorn too moch abou' yoomans thad you deed nard wan' to know. Ees deesappointeen'. Sigh. So now I steeck to my blarg. Ees lighe leeabeen' weeth my head een the san'...Nice and dark and warm, weeth pelleds.

Please doan' tell the Wooman I keell' Fazeboogh (ees OK, she nebber reads my blarg, well, hardly ebber). She said she was goeen' to leab bicariously through me.

Now she weell hab to ged a libe.


  1. As the only person in the world who loathes Facebook, I missed yours entirely. But your blog is enough pleasure for me..... Don't ever give it up, will you!

  2. The Wooman, you and hor can star' a clorb whad hades Fazeboogh.

    I yam goeen' through weethdrawal. My paws are shakeen'. I need sorm warm meelk.

    I see spidehairs arn the walls.


    Pee Ess. Please led you cads ead yos worn mouse, OK? OK.

  3. My woman and I are also against Facebook and Twitter. Good luck with your withdrawal.

  4. Muchisimas gracias por de kin' shoud oud. I yam jus happy I could halp you in yor hour of need.

    I could sen you sorm meelk, by de time eet gets to you eet will be berr, berr warm.

    As de verr well known famous peerson, Terri Guillamets said, "Courage is tiny pieces of fear all glued together." Glue yor feer an do eet anaway, Don Estorbo!

  5. i tried facebook twice.
    i don't get the fascination.
    we should start a club!

  6. Hola, hermano! Dinah would like to join the No Facebook Club.

    She had "killed" it, but she opened it again when the girls were here. But she will kill it again.

    My fur is growing back and she has to look twice to see which one I am.

  7. I'm a No Facebook fan. I have too much to do without that, even though I am retired. Besides, I think I'd rather choose my friends than be railroaded or guilted (is that a word?) I'll stick with blogs -- and I choose you for my friend, Estorbo. I'm missing Bailey. I wish you lived closer.

  8. I have to say that FB has been a great pleasure for me. I joined because a friend that I thought must be dead turned up on it and I have been back in touch with old friends whose surnames I'd forgotten (or they had since been married) so I could search for them. Don't be too negative about it but I understand that some find it icky. If you find it hateful just ignore it but don't ask for it to be banned, that's silly: Each to his own. I miss Don Estorbo on FB but am enjoying the blog as I always did. Muchas gracias.

  9. you are so right. i hade it doo! wait i want to cancel mine in solidarity. instruct me storbie--i want to keel it too! but forst--what happened storbie? digame!