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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dayeen, dayoud

Was a ber' beesy weegh. Was nice weathair so I sad arn the roop an' honted peegeons. I looghed por the raccoon. I sharpen' my claws een case I see the bastardo. I weell keell heem.

Then I was ber' hongree, so I stole sorm sausages. The wooman was angry. BADCAD!

I was so stress' by the screameen' thad I yad to taghe a nab. Then the Smoothman napped too. Hees head ees weigheen' a lard. My eensides ees squashed.

More stress. The Ladycad came an' sang songs to me through the weendow. I hade hor.

So I had to resd a beet more. Wooman, why you taghe peecture when I yam tryeen' to be privade? Go. Ay. Way.

Was so essiteen'! I foun' a ped! Beeg, beeg ant. I wadged eed all day. Then the man put my ped arn the roof. I cry. So cruel.

Sheet. I ged a new war drobe. For sommer. I loogh reedeeculous.

Maybe I can go to Arxpord Uneeberseedy now? I woul' lighe to be arn the roween' team. I yam ballast.

Yes, I know whad thad ees.

I taghe anorder res'. The new clothes maghe me crazee.

The Wooman says I loogh like a bat.

I tell hor I yam Vampire. She say she know thad already.

We hab dreenks and nachos arn the terrace. I lighe tortilla cheeps weeth spicy salsa.

Also beer.

Eed maghe me dronk, onmanageable and 'rowdy'.

Yos kiddeen'...

Now I mos go. Ees time to essplain thad eed ees WORN hour pas' my deener time.


  1. Your teeth are so sharp and I am very afraid.

    No, just kidding. I've missed visiting you and I remember now that you make me laugh out loud!

  2. Nice catching up on your week, Estorbo. Your summer pullover is very chic. Yes, you DO look like a bat in that pose.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  3. 'Storbie, even though I witness it all live, your blogging about all this still cracks me up!

  4. I love you as a bat. This is a great post.

  5. The Fangs! The sweater! The sausages. What a life you lead.

  6. One of the best entries ever. Don Estorbo, you make the mundane seem extraordinary.

  7. Alexander (the Great)May 30, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Perhaps you should play cricket in your new summer coat, or tennis? You look so sophisticated in your whites!

  8. Ees OK eef Faceboogh bein' keelled if
    we gets blarghs like thees. Te Amo, Don Estorbo!!!

  9. Jou reely did it, meng..I held out hope por de last minuto. I has lost a Facebook fren'..I see you here, do. Buenos noches.

  10. Great pictures of you, hermano! And your teeth -- very impressive! Our Midnight sleeps on her back, too, but she doesn't have as fine a wardrobe as you. In fact, she has no wardrobe at all ...

  11. Blackbor' where deed you go????

    Seemba - Si, happy, happy.

    Beence - craghs you orp? No speak Eengleesh...

    Anne - gracias!

    Katneep etc - was a goo' weegh. Moch stress, bod goo' sausages.

    Ellen - mondane? No...really, eed was ebentful!

    Alexander - I doan' lighe creecket, I lorb eed!

    Alexa, chica, te amo tambien!

    Ikaika, hermao, si, I file to keep the fangs sharp por biteen' Beence.

  12. I drank a Stella yesterday with a wonderful ham sandwich & rosemary fries.

    Didn't show my fangs....

  13. You, Estorbo, are the purrfect antidote to news headlines.
    And, yes, you do look batty!

  14. What a busy week.... I have been reading your blog for a while now Estorbo and I love seeing what you get up to. You remind me a lot of my cat Pepe (sadly gone to cat heaaven), I think you would have liked her.

  15. Estorbo, you are so funny! Thanks for making us laugh out loud.

  16. This is the most excellent post of all time.

    :) xx