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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dargs. Arn my blarg. Again .

Sormtimes the Wooman pushes me beyon' my leemeets.

Estorbo? she says, today.

Ye-e-e-e-s, I say?

I need you to put some peectures ob the dargs een Cape Town arn your blarg.

Oh. I say. Nice yoke.

No, reeally, she says. Teddy was ber' seeck an' I wan' to pose' a peecture ob heem.

So POSE' a picture ob heem, I say, you hab a blarg!

No, she says. I doan' do dargs arn my blarg.

You doan do dargs??? I doan do dargs!!! You pose' them!

No, she says, you hab' to.

Forghe, I say.

Wash your mouth oud cad, or I'll do eed por you.

I'd lighe to see you try, I say.

Estorbo, she says. Hab you realize' how beeg I yam an' how small you are?

Nard reeally.

Well, she says, theenk abou' eed.


Here are the damn dargs.

Ged well s-o-o-o-o-n, Teddy. (He ees the shor' fad one een the meedle.)

Thees was poseded onner duress.

I wan' to speak to my lawyer.


  1. Tyranny and oppression! Shall we start a Down With Dogs petition, Estorbo? We have dogs on our blog but only because one lives under our yoke. She knows her place, is all we'll say on the matter.

    Lottie, Millie, Scooter & Hamish

    ( - why aren't we on your blog list??)

  2. Dang Dargs!
    We can hear them over the wall next door. All they do is bark gibberish darg talk all day.
    Nothing civilized like Us.
    We do, however, sympathize for sick ones. And We hope he gets better.
    Remember, You have sharp fangs and claws, and the humans have to sleep sometime.

  3. The two soft noses looking through the hole have upstaged you this time, Estorbo. Better keep those lawyers on hand.

  4. Neko y Marzipan, P.L.C.May 15, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    Not sure we see a way out of this one... Freedom of Expression restricts censorship by the Government, not private individuals...

    Sorry, Kid...

  5. Estorbo, it wasn't very nice of the Wooman to force you to post pictures of dargs on your blog. On the other paw, Teddy is a very cute specimen for a darg, and we hope he gets well soon.

  6. I feel your pain, my friend... but the Cape Town dargs are very cute. I hope Teddy gets well soon. And why doesn't the Wooman have dargs on her blog? Just curious ...

    Pee Ess: the Cattorneys are approaching the case from a First Amendment standpoint -- and they're right as far as it goes. If I were you, hermano, I would look back through the Wooman's blog archives and see if she has ever posted a picture of the dargs from Cape Town while she was on a visit. That would establish a precedent and render her argument moot. Just sayin' ...

  7. I have to side with the dargs on this one - their noses trying to push out the hole are pretty cute (cat door?). But it was important for you not just to cave in to the Wooman's wishes easily.

  8. Get well soon, Teddy.
    Sorry but we really like dargs.
    Chloe, Zoe, Abbie, Sassie, Ebony, Baby
    (Barbara's cats)
    Nancy's darg, Tootie sends greetings, also. Nancy's daughter's darg, Arthur,
    who's staying with all of us, says hello and he is in the same boat as Teddy.

  9. Sorry Storbee - but they are nice dogs. Did the Wooman tell you what was wrong with Ted ? He had an "obstacle" in his gut ..... AND he had to have an ENEMA. No, you don't to know. He's OK now and quite happy because he has to have 3 meals a day for 3 days. Small meals but very nice food. We think it was because he ate pig's ear.

  10. Neko y Marzi - sheet. Why mos' you be so orpstandeen'?

    HEN! Oh. My. Gard. TMI! WHY deed you hab to wride thesse arn my blarg! Nard onlee deed Ted hab an estorbo een hees bowels, bud then had an enem...I can' eben say eed.

    Whad ees eed anyway?

    Peegs ears...

    Dargs. Who needs them?

  11. Ah, Estorbo. You remind me much of my yellow tabby Jinx (I will try to get him to write to you, but he says he is too old to learn the internet.)

    Jinx felt the same way about dogs. But after we got a black lab (Rosie may she RIP) he changed his mind. After he established he was king of the household, we found him, on occasion, cleaning Rosie, and sleeping next to her for warmth.

    Perhaps the Woman and the Smoothman could get you a canine friend. You might find they are cuddly.

  12. I'm with you on this, my friend. I have no love for dogs myself.

    You must put your paw down!


  13. Hola, hermano!
    The Secretary is posting this from the House of Books because our computer is broken...
    Hmm...this darg business is not good.We are fortunate to have bi-peds who dislike the local dogs, but we can understand that you are upset. Ikaika speaks wise words;there may indeed be a precedant.
    And if you know how to contact your friend Karen (in NC) please tell her we answered her in our comments.

  14. As a darg on your blarg and being a dog with a blog I am happy to see more of my kind featured, particularly as they aren't well. I hope Teddy gets better soon ....

  15. Oh, Dinahmow, Geiger and Sporran, I'll have to go now and see if you are going to send me the possum. I'll even pay for the freight charges from Australia to NC.